Beachbody Success Club Trip 2015 Day 3

I was so excited for today!!! We woke up for our work out with Tony Horton super pumped! Tony is my dude. He introduced me to Beachbody years ago through P90x. That program motivated me to become a fitness blogger and a personal trainers and now a coach. I love everything he does. The opportunity to workout with him LIVE is just bananas. He did an MMX style workout and I was sweating. The routine wasn't intense in the "non-stop movement" kind of way but it was intense in the "I am using my entire body and sweating bullets" kind of way. It was crazy. I was drenched. As we were walking out of the arena, WE SAW HIM just chatting it up with coaches. He is awesome like that. He stuck around and was talking to people and I just walked up to him and told him how I feel about him. I couldn't believe that he listened, gave me a high five and agreed to take a picture with me and my team. He is so real and laid back and just a cool guy. I loved it.

Of course, we went back to the pool/beach but this time we went to the quieter side of the resort, Nizuc. Our upline had chairs held down for us in the shade. There was no way I was going to tan today. We hid from the sun, laughed, joked around and did absolutely nothing. Oh wait, sorry we ate yummy food and had a few drinks. We also met Darren and Danielle from the Shaun T videos.

As the sun was beginning to set, we went out to the beach for more pictures. These were fun as there were more of us and it was just another moment to bond. That's what I love about vacation. You just hang and do nothing but the memories are priceless. I got to know some of the other coaches on my team so much better on this trip and that's such a blessing. I mean we were sweating together, talking shop, tanning, laughing, eating all we wanted, and then partying it up.

Today was the day of our team dinner. We got together around 8pm and had a beautiful time enjoying one another's company. At the end of the night, three of us when to the club and this time the music was really good. We thought we were going to spend fifteen minutes there, instead we danced non-stop for three hours! I didn't even drink. The music was so good.

My hair was looking straight fabulous on the trip. I need salt water in my life daily.

Day 4 was my last day, but before we left, we got a workout in with Shaun T. More on that TOMORROW!