Beachbody Success Club Trip 2015 Recap

A little background: I became a coach in October 2013 after having amazing results with Focus T25. In April of 2014, a number of coaches that I knew went on an all expense paid cruise but I was a very new coach and at the time thought that I would need to put in like mad years before I got there. When the opportunity to go on the trip to Mexico came up, I originally hesitated. I thought I would never reach that level of success in my business. I added myself to the wait list and thought that MAYBE I would get on.  But my team helped me remained focused and I helped a minimum of 5 people a month for a year and guess what happened? I earned a FREE trip to Cancun!!!

I couldn't believe it (I still can't believe it!) and I was super excited to go. My fiance couldn't join me so I invited another coach on my team that also earned the trip  but didn't get off the wait list to come with me. She was game. We had no idea what to expect. We booked our flights and when April 15 came around, we were jumping for joy to join Team Beachbody. As you know, I have gone to the Zumba convention many times. The difference is that ZUMBA doesn't pay for these vacations for me. I DO. This was PAID by Team Beachbody because I choose to help others live healthier, fulfilling lives. When I tell you that Beachbody paid for this trip, its not that my earnings paid for it. Its that every time I helped someone begin their fitness journey, Beachbody deposited money into my vacation account. I STILL received commission for my sales. The trip is in addition to that.  It's different than teaching a number of classes and using that money to go on a vacation. This was literally an all-expense paid vacation.

There were trainings, there was fun, and there were workouts. Similar to the Zumba Convention but in my opinion BETTER. I am so happy I went.

I can't wait to share all of this with you.

For now, here are a few pics I shared on social media:

Tomorrow, I will detail how day 1 went. I am still in complete awe of this experience. What a blessing Team Beachbody has been in my life. if you want to join the team or learn more about what I do as a coach, hit me up at melthecoach(at)