BeFriend Yourself Tip

Lately, I am becoming more and more peeved about the messaging out in the world related to health and fitness. Having been a 16-year old woman once (quite a long time ago), reading women's magazines like they were the bible, I used to yearn for the "perfect bod." 

That messaging is hard to push out of our minds. It's hard to stop thinking about ourselves in this way. And then for the rest of our lives, marketers are trying to get us to push up, slim down, remove this, get rid of that... its so draining. 

No wonder so many women are unhappy with their bodies and themselves. So I am making a conscious effort to flip the script. As someone who is immersed in the health and fitness industry, I want you to understand that weight loss does not equal happiness. And happiness can be achieved without it and when you are happy, you are more excited to take control of your health and when you do that, you lose weight because you are doing things you enjoy vs. beating yourself up. 

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and criticize something about yourself? Whether it's eyes, nose, laugh lines, arms, belly and the list goes on. 

We so easily hate on ourselves. 

Here's a thought, BEfriend Yourself. 

A little challenge: look in the mirror and apologize for all the crappy things you've said in the past. Then, tell that beautiful woman in the mirror, one thing you love about her. 

And every time you think about being a total b!tch to yourself, slow you're roll. And snap yourself back to reality.