This is so crazy. Over 800 blog posts between, and the zumba with melissa blog I had way back when, my MOST POPULAR BLOG POST is STILL the one I wrote from the Zumba Convention back in 2011. 

I can't believe I have been on my dance fitness game for this long! And everyday I learn something new. Everyday I feel like a new instructor. In my opinion, its best to keep learning because your craft ONLY gets better. 

Crazy how so much has changed yet stayed the same. I didn't edit the article at all and when you read it, I even mention how "hip hop is not my favorite!" OMG and now I teach CIZE which is based on hip-hop dance fitness. Five years later... huh

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The last day is always bitter sweet. After such a jam-packed weekend filled with surprises and great experiences, you just don’t want to go home, yet your body is begging you to rest. Most people end up skipping the last day because of pain, exhaustion, etc.

I, of course, chose not to.

We woke up very early AGAIN to jump online for our first workshop: Warm ups and Cool Downs with Tanya Beardsley. If anyone knows anything about Zumba, they would know that Tanya is a superstar in the Zumba world and rightfully so.

 Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

She is so knowledgeable, funny, charismatic, friendly and the girl can dance. The Zumba Corporation is lucky to have her. FOR SURE!

Although I live in New York, I have never made it to a Tanya B. certification. She is the Zumba Education Specialist for New York but her classes fill up quickly.  I’ve taken some Master Classes with her before but the opportunity to be in the front row at a workshop with her was something I was looking forward to. We waited online for two hours and it was well worth it.

 Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

The topic was warm ups and cool downs. I have my Personal Trainer license from ACE, but I still haven’t obtained my Group Certification class from AFAA (I am working on it). Tanya provided us with much needed knowledge and ideas for my classes. I don’t want to spill the candy in the lobby, so I won’t tell you her secrets BUT I will tell you that I used all her tips in class and it makes a big difference.

There is something about Tanya Beardsley that is “magical.” She embodies the Zumba spirit like no one else and adds her own flavor. The most impressive thing about her is how easy she can make a group of people feel comfortable with her so quickly. Her personality shines.

 Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

She also has amazing memory. In class, she referenced me by the Master Class I attended with her last month. THE ROOM WAS JAM PACKED WITH PEOPLE at that Master Class. How she even knew who little old me was, in a sea of Zumba-fanatics is amazing to me. She also referenced Z8fitness! Although I know we are a special group of instructors and of course, I am quite memorable, I really think Tanya is that way with EVERYONE. And just her way of being with me and with everyone else in the room, gave me some reassurance, that my “little obsession” with Zumba is awesome and that acknowledging, remembering little things about my students, and talking to them before and after class is the world to them as Tanya B. meant to me.
THANKS T! If you are reading this, you will see me at your next B2 Certification FOR SURE.


Second class was “Hip Hop: The Zumba Remix.” George Hu and Michael Thomas are awesome dancers and they put the cherry on top of my Zumba sundae (pun intended . . get it Zumba Sunday ;-) ).

 George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

I decided to take the workshop because Hip Hop is not my favorite dance to do in Zumba. I love the music, but I’m just not very good at dancing to it. Yeah, I can bust it out at a party but for some reason, it takes me a little longer to get it together for class. Luckily, they broke down some easy steps that look HOT. Yes, I’m going to have to practice, practice, practice but I think I have some great choreography that I can bring to class to switch out the Latin music and spice things up a little more.

And that’s it. New friends to add on Facebook, tons of pictures and videos to share, so much information and memories to last a lifetime.

Zumba Corporate put on an amazing Convention this year for us instructors and I am definitely going back next year.

Peace. Love. Zumba.

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