One Week ... Tremendous Change

So much has happened in a week! Like so much.

In one week, I have gone full time as a Beachbody coach and announced to the world that I am going to be a mommy! 

Can you believe it? 

Becoming a mom was always one of those life moment's where I felt like, "if it happens, it happens." Not because I didn't want to be a mom but because I felt like you couldn't force it. You are either blessed to become a mom or you're not and your blessed with many other different life's blessings. 

I felt the same way about getting married and finding a wonderful man. I do or I don't and I would be okay either way. However, I feel so lucky and honored that the universe conspired to give me the title of WIFE and now MOM. It's almost like the moment that I found out, I was filled with an even deeper sense of purpose. 

I already had purpose. How could I have MORE purpose? I don't know. But I can and I do and it feels great. Especially growing a life and how my body has adapted to it. When you spend 33 years of your life as an individual and you've never had any mishaps or "scares," you think "how could I do this? Can my body really make a person, grow the person, deliver, and then raise it?"

And now I am like, YUP. It can. And you know what else I can do?

I can grow a sustainable online fitness business to support my growing family! So I went full-time as a Beachbody coach because if not now, then when? Now is the time to build a business that will keep me home with my bundle of joy but still pay the bills. Now its time to build a business that will help us get a home in the location of our dreams to raise our family! 

Its so exciting. And oddly enough, none of this is scary. Yea... there are moments when I'm like "what am i doing?" but for the most part, its like "I AM HERE AND I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!" 

So if you have EVER thought about becoming a coach on Team Limitless Army, now is the time. We are on fire and its only going to take off from here. Lots to accomplish and achieve! Send me an email at melthecoach (At) for details!