Considerations for a Career in Fitness

Hey guys!  I’ve been a fitness professional since 2009. Zumba Fitness introduced me to the world of teaching fitness classes. My introduction was probably very much like yours. I was a student first and my Zumba instructor pulled me aside and told me she thought I’d be a great instructor. So I got licensed and started teaching.

Well, it wasn’t that fast. Actually there were a lot of twists and turns and crazy mishaps but eventually I began teaching to a loyal following. Started a Zumba Fitness business with my friends called Z8Fitness and together we were named Best Zumba in Westchester County (that’s where we teach) for three years straight.

It was such a fun ride. And I loved it. Eventually, I wanted to make fitness a career vs. a hobby and I started looking at all the options.

I realized very quickly that there was so much more to teaching classes or training an individual. So I am dedicating my next couple of blog posts on providing you information… like a 101 on becoming a fitness professional.

To start, here are a few considerations for you to make note of if you want to work in the fitness industry.

1.     Why do you want to become an instructor?

Is it because you want to get paid to workout? I learned very quickly that the job of an instructor is not to workout for money. It actually has nothing to do with you. And all to do with your clients. Your job is to educate, motivate, inspire, and support your students on their health and fitness journey.

There is a big difference between teaching classes and being the star student in a class. You will be very surprised when you jump into your first class and no one shows up or people do but don’t feel the excitement and energy you want them to. Because you are concerned about your workout and not theirs.

2.     Is this a hobby?

When I first started, it was TOTALLY a hobby.  I was only thinking of teaching for fun and then it led to more as I realized how happy it made me to work with others in this capacity. I will say that whether you are instructing or training as a hobby or as a full-time career, the expenses are the same and they are worth considering:

-       Certifications (for example the American Council on Exercise group fitness certification is $299)

-       Insurance

-       Continuing education

-       Music

-       Renting space

3.     Do you know how much fitness professionals make?

I suggest you take a good look at the entry salary for an instructor and the salary of those who are professionals in your area. Make sure to look at your finances, your costs, and make sure you can make this happen for yourself.

You don’t want to start and then ditch your students or clients because it isn’t working for you. They rely on you.

Most instructor and fitness professionals are not rolling in money. It’s definitely a labor of love. Make sure you can make it work before you start.

4.     Are you willing to work when everyone else isn’t?

Remember that your classes are held when people want to workout. And that’s going to be before work, after work, lunch hour, and weekends. You are their FOR THEM and sometimes it does cut into social hour and other plans. But its a choice you make to help others in their journey.

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