Friday Day 3 Team Beachbody Coach Summit

Friday and Saturdays were learning days. We spent time in workshops learning from top coaches and General Session at a huge arena learning from business professionals. 

I got to hear from and MEET Gary Vaynerchuk. This was a crazy moment for me. 


Back in 2010, I was working for a marketing company and started a fitness blog to share my fitness journey. I was miserable at my job because I was working for someone who didn't appreciate me at all. 

My friend James told me to jump on a webinar for Hubspot and Gary Vaynerchuk was the guest speaker. I immediately had to put my headphones on because I'm sure the third word was an F-bomb. 😳

I told James, I'm not sure about him. I just like blogging. Can I really build a business around fitness? James said yes. I didn't listen. 

Then in October 2013, I became a Beachbody coach because my homegirl Charisse Marte told me again that I was being silly. I was already coaching on my blog. For free! 

First book I read while in business for myself? Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk
Here I was a full-time coach at the Beachbody Coach Summit with a team of coaches learning from the very best. It was such an honor to here him speak again and this time "I got it!" Thanks Gary.

At night, there was a huge 80s party that only certain coaches get to qualify for. Basically if you are consistent in your business and every month you are growing and helping others, you are invited. 

Prior to the 80s party, we went to see our friend and teammate compete in the Beachbody Classic which is Beachboy's bikini/bodybuilding contest and then grabbed some BBQ. I was so tired from those events that I gave my coaches my tickets and drink vouchers so they could enjoy the event! 

Here is a sneak peek of the fun. Meeting Chalene Johnson while partying it up: