Saturday Day 4 Team Beachbody Coach Summit

Saturday was our very last full day of activities. And on Saturday morning Beachbody literally takes over the streets of Nashville for a SUPER WORKOUT! 


All of Broadway and the side streets were packed with coaches working out to all of the top celebrity trainers. Autumn Calabrese, Shaun T, Tony Horton, Joel and Jericho, and Chalene Johnson. You can't beat that! 

Right after the super workout, we go back into sessions and more learning. These sessions are invaluable. You are learning from the very best in the business and they are giving you all of the nuggets necessary to be successful. This event is everything for a coach, especially a new coach. 

In the evening, Beachbody has their Celebration event complete with fireworks at the Nissan Stadium. Because our team is the one of the top ten teams in the Latino Market, we were invited to sit on the floor of the stadium. Team Beachbody wants to expand its hispanic reach and we are the ambassadors to get them there. They seriously treat us so well. This blog post doesn't do it justice. It was wonderful to be on the floor seats and look up and see people seated all around you! 


At  Celebration is where you get to hear the stories of the Beachbody Challenge winners. The people who have lost 100lbs and more using our programs. Their stories always make me cry and give me purpose! Every year they award one man and one woman with $100,000 each for their hard work and perseverance using our programs. All the finalists received $20,000 each. 

Right after Celebration, coaches take over Broadway once again and the bars and the town is packed with everyone enjoying their final night on the town. Me? I slept! Such a preggers! 

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