Week 3 Review of Country Heat and Meal Plan

Oh my! The struggle bus was real last week. Honestly, I don't even remember most of it. 

Somehow my days became nights and last week has blended into this week. Its crazy. How does that even happen? 

Thankful for having a set workout schedule and having set up my meal plan in advance. What would I do without that! 

For the third week, to be super honest, I didn't reinvent the wheel when it came to foods. I took some of my favs from last week, and switched it up with some of my favs from week 1 and boom... there was my meal plan! I didn't have much time to think! 

Enough with all that whining. Here are some of the things I really enjoyed this week:

Repetition -  Every time you do a new workout DVD, you get to do it twice! And that really helps because the second day, you come out of it even sweatier.

New workout every week - This week it was "Trail Ride." My favorite part of it was the warm up. It felt a lot sexier than the others. "The Lean" was my favorite move! The amount of jumping has definitely increased but luckily the modifier stays up front! For us low-impact peeps! 

I replaced one workout with CIZE: I told you I was on the struggle bus so I decided to take a day off of Country Heat and go back to one of my fav programs. It was EXACTLY what I needed. I did a routine I hadn't done before from the Beachbody On Demand Next Level bonus routines, and that was a blast. (fun fact: I am a cast member in two of those routines!)

Check it out: 

Some things I am not so proud of:

I added some extra sweets here and there! At the end of the week, I had ice cream and a snow cone at the beach. Also on Saturday at the beach, I did not follow the meal plan I had laid out for myself but we did bring healthy options to the beach like mozzarella, tomato, pesto sandwiches, lots of fruits, and chickpea salad.

Same goes for Friday. I had my appointment with my midwife, and instead of coming back home and eating my food after the appointment, I took my husband out to Mexican food! And I had enchiladas (whoops!)

Oh well, we can't be perfect EVERYDAY! 80/20 RULE

Speaking of Meal Plan, this was what I had laid out for myself:


What am I MOST excited about?

My upcoming challenge group is running alongside Team Beachbody's HEALTH BET! If you have no clue what that is. YOU HAVE BEEN ASLEEP! Check out the video below:


Basically, Team Beachbody is betting us that WE WILL do our workouts. And they have a pot of money over $1 million that they are letting us cash in on and all WE have to do is do our workouts, and drink Shakeology daily AND log it into the My Challenge Tracker app. 

You must do this between Sept 5th until the week of Oct 2nd. 

So what do you need to do? 

1.  JOIN:  Talk to me (melthecoach (at) gmail.com) about becoming my customer so that you can get included in the group!  You must have a coach and be enrolled in their challenge group to be eligible.  If you do not have a coach make me your coach by completing this application. 

Download the My Challenge Tracker App here.   

2.  TRACK YOUR PROGRESS:  Use the app to log at least 5 Shakeology drinks with photos and three Beachbody workouts during all FOUR qualification weeks.

3.  QUALIFY:  Log your Shakeology and workouts by 11:59 PM on the last day of each contest week:
Week 1:  September 5-September 11
Week 2:  September 12-September 18
Week 3:  September 19-September 25
Week 4:  September 26-October 2

4. CASH IN:  Meet all the requirements and you'll automatically win an equal share of the cash pot.  As an extra incentive, Beachbody will add $5 to the initial $1 million prize for every challenge pack sold on Team Beachbody between July 27th and August 31st, 2016 up to $3 million total.

To Be added to the group, the best place to start is here. Fill out the form and I will get connected with you so we can get you started with a challenge pack that works for you!

Don't sleep on this opportunity. It's going to be so much fun.