Week 4 Review of Country Heat

This is it guys!! Today is my very last day of Country Heat! Yes, the program ends on a Tuesday. I have been dancing away for 30 whole days! 

It feels so great when you cross the finish line!!!! 

Have you ever started a program and completed it? Or are you the type to stop after Week 1? Week 2? Day 4? Do you skip days? Do you find yourself uninspired to even open your workout DVD's? 

Is that you? 

Because if it is, you NEED me! Seriously, my challengers complete their programs. They get results! We work together to help keep that motivation going. We motivate each other. It's what I do best. I would love to motivate you. Choose me as your coach and lets get started! 

So here's the confession for Week 4! I didn't meal prep! Not at all. But I did eat really well. You know what I did? I kept it super simple and figured it out every day. When you build that kind of habit, its hard for you to slip. Even at a restaurant, I skipped the bread and the pasta and went with the high protein choice with veggies because I need it currently for baby's brain development! 

Last week, I went to Trader Joe's, purchased ready made salads for $3.99. Added extra protein (chicken) and ate that everyday for lunch. My breakfast was 2 eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon, and 2 slices of Ezekiel bread. My snack 1 was Shakeology with banana, pb, and almond milk and snack 2 was grapes and a cheese stick. Dinner last week was super simple as well ground turkey, mixed with veggies and brown rice. If I got hungry, I had Greek Yogurt as a third snack. 

It kept me fueled and energized. I even made Shakeology brownies for the days I felt like I needed something sweet! But because I don't even want you to have to think about anything, I made up a meal plan for YOU. 

Check it out: 

I hope you have enjoyed this journey I was on for the past 30 days and you feel inspired to join me for your own journey! I also hope you learned that it isn't about being perfect. That we will all have slip ups, we will all miss a workout, we will all makeup a workout. But the truth is, YOU CAN DO THIS! I know you can.  

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