Week 1 Review of Country Heat

I am officially on Week 2 of Country Heat and I finally had a moment to give you the run down on how Week 1 went. Here is my honest review:

Alright so when I first heard about a COUNTRY DANCE FITNESS workout.. I said, "I'll pass." I am a salsa dancer, a Zumba girl, and recently have fallen in love with hip hop and CIZE so "move on with your country workout."

But I know when my ego is acting up and I decided to suck it up, purchase the workout and commit to 30 days. Plus low-impact exercises could really benefit me right now. 


And guess what? I am pleasantly surprised. First off, the meal plan is top notch - like everything Autumn Calabrese creates for Beachbody. More on that later.

Secondly, moving is fun and dance makes me smile and I realized that it really doesn't matter the music. I am so happy to not do a burpee or a push-up for the next 30 days. That alone will keep me going.

I've done three routines so far:

Country Swing - Basic moves. Nothing too crazy. Made to help you build confidence. You will sweat by the end. 

Giddy Up - She speeds things up here and gets a little more intricate with the moves.

Down and Dirty - The combinations are faster and tougher. You will have to think a little but the sweat will pour off you in 15 minutes and you will laugh your ass off. 

Here is the Week 1 run down

Monday: Country Swing

Tuesday: Country Swing

Wednesday: Giddy Up

Thursday: Giddy Up

Friday: Country Swing: 

Saturday: Giddy Up

Sunday: REST

Down and Dirty is the beginning of Week 2. 

I made a meal plan for Week 1 and stuck to it. At this point in my pregnancy, I weigh 154lbs so that brought me to Plan C which is to consume 1800-2099. Of course I didn't do the calculations EXACTLY as you would if you are not pregnant, because my goal is not weight loss. So I didn't subtract the caloric deficit.

But for the average person who is looking to lose weight. The calculation goes as follows:

  1. Take current weight in pounds and multiply by 11. This is your caloric baseline.
  2. Then add 300 (your calorie burn) to your caloric baseline.
  3. Now subtract 750 (caloric deficit) from your maintenance calories.  

You will end up in one of these categories:

  • Plan A: 1200 - 1499 calories
  • Plan B - 1500 - 1799 calories
  • Plan C - 1800- 2099 calories
  • Plan D - 2100- 2300 calories

If your number is less than 1200, round up and if its more than 2300, round down. 

Simple right?

Then, you eat to the plan. So for me, in PLAN C, I have to eat:

  • 5 servings of veggies
  • 3 servings of fruits
  • 5 servings of proteins
  • 4 servings of carbs
  • 1 serving of healthy fats
  • 1 serving of seeds and dressings
  • 5 servings of oils and nut butters

That's a lot of food but if you keep it nutritious, the benefits will go a long way! Plus, you receive the portion control containers to help you figure it all out. 


As you see in the pic above, each container corresponds to the servings. I am going a step further and for every person who orders the Country Heat challenge pack through me... you are getting these bracelets I am wearing!


Pretty much there is no way you can forget what you have eaten. And of course, here is my Meal Plan for Week 1! 

Country Heat Meal Plan Created by Melissa Herreria 

Country Heat Meal Plan Created by Melissa Herreria 

I have tons of videos, tons of pics and posts all over my FB page! You should come connect with me so we can keep talking about Country Heat and you can decide if its for you! 

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