Traveling with an infant - is it fun?

My husband and I have been on many vacation these past ten years together. And if you asked us how they went, they would all sound the same.

We got sun burnt and drunk. Very drunk.

We would get up early, sit in the pool, and drink all day in the sun. Come back. Nap. Then go out all night.



So when we were planning our first family vacation courtesy of Team Beachbody to the Hard Rock Punta Cana, we were concerned we'd be stuck indoors all day working out naps and dealing with an overstimulated cranky baby.


That's not what happened. He was actually very pleasant to be around. Lol.


Was our fun different? Yes. Very.


But it was fun and that's totally possible. Here are some overall things that kept us all happy this trip.


  1. Lose all expectations and just go with the flow.
  2. Avoid the pool or beach during peak sun hours. That's 10am and 2pm, roughly.  I know it sounds like "all day" but it really flew by and helped us avoid an sunburnt baby.
  3. Or find shade and stay under it.
  4. Go with friends with babies or children  under 12. Our friends have children who wanted to spend all day in the kiddie pool so instead of feeling lonely because we weren't in the party pool, we made our own party in the kiddie pool!
  5. If you can bring the grandparents, do. I wish we brought a set of grandparents along. They would have happily stayed in with the baby at night while we enjoyed an evening together as a couple.
  6. Go to dinner early. That's when the other parents go. Plus it's empty enough that you can move tables around or chairs to accommodate your family.
  7. String the baby along to all the things you enjoy. You'll be surprised just how much they might enjoy it as well. My son loves dancing with me in the baby ergo.
  8. Baby wear all the time. It's so easy. You can just go about your day and baby will nap when they need to and nurse when they need to. You just go about your business and they are as happy as can be.
  9. Don't skip naps. Check out previous posts. Babies this small can't hang and a skipped nap leads to future meltdown.
  10. Bring toys to dinner so they can entertain themselves while you eat. And if you forgot toys, the napkin will do.

Remember, don't worry. You're baby is perfectly made for your family and will fit right into your lifestyle. You can't drink like a fish anymore but you can still have fun!