Finding time to workout with a baby/toddler

Its been forever since I have written on here. Mostly because I have been literally running around like a crazy woman all day for the past ten months. Most days, this is me:


Overwhelmed and exhausted. 

But today, I feel in control! 



I am so proud of myself. I worked out first thing in the morning for 5 days straight! I feel like I can really complete this program. It's been awhile since I have felt any sense of control in my life and although I know we can't control everything, its nice to have a routine going. I wanted to share it with you in case there is someone on here with a baby or toddler who feels that you can't figure out how to take care of mommy and baby. Here's how the past 5 mornings have looked: 

  • We wake up, change his diaper and change him out of pjs
  • I get dressed in my workout clothes, bring out toys for him to play. Usually theres a "non-toy" that is interesting to him like luggage or a box that can keep him entertained trying to figure it out while I workout.
  • I nurse him before I start my workout.
  • I press play and workout. There are some distractions but its all good. He runs between my legs, crawls under my planks, jumps on me, etc.
  • I then set him up with fruit for his breakfast so he can eat it and play with it while strapped into his highchair at the doorway of the bathroom while I shower. I have a clear shower curtain so I can watch him. 
  • I get dressed. 
  • Help him finish his breakfast. We go to Starbucks for an iced coffee, and I have my breakfast at home.
  • Play a little more and then nap time and I start to work!!!! He naps a good hour and a half in the morning. 

Its nothing like the routines of my past but it works and we are both getting what we need.