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A message from my heart to you!

Hi friends! 

This email has been a long time coming and I was avoiding it for quite awhile. Prior to joining the ranks for motherhood, I thought I had the answer to the pressing question,  "what do I want to be when I grow up?"

I had worked in the fitness industry, whether part-time or full-time, since 2009. I started by writing a blog about the fitness classes I was trying out in my neighborhood, then I became a Zumba instructor ->became certified in other formats -> a personal trainer -> a fitness nutrition specialist and finally a health and fitness coach.

This was my path and all of you were part of it in one way or another. 

Then I became a mom and I don't know if this happens for everyone but I lost all my passion towards my work. I still love to workout. I still eat healthy BUT sharing it and working with clients no longer DRIVES me. I've tried. I just can't fake the funk. 

I am sharing this all with you because I value transparency and I've come to call you my friend. 

It's B-A-N-A-N-A-S  to just drop a business that was providing you income and food on your table but I can't continue doing something I've lost total passion in. Maybe one day, I'll decide to pick it back up but right now, I am delving into new passions and enjoying every single moment of mommyhood.

I won't go into all the details YET. You were receiving my emails because you were interested in clean eating, meal plans, fitness tips, etc. 

If you no longer want to receive emails from me, you don't have to do anything. If you want information on my mommy hood podcast and you want to remain connected to me and my next venture, join this email list: http://eepurl.com/cN7Tq5

Thank you so much for your support. I couldn't have enjoyed eight amazing years in the health and fitness industry without you. 

You are amazeballs! 



Peace, love + guilt-free pancakes...

Melissa Herreria

If we aren't friends on FB yet, we should be!! 

One Week ... Tremendous Change

So much has happened in a week! Like so much.

In one week, I have gone full time as a Beachbody coach and announced to the world that I am going to be a mommy! 

Can you believe it? 

Becoming a mom was always one of those life moment's where I felt like, "if it happens, it happens." Not because I didn't want to be a mom but because I felt like you couldn't force it. You are either blessed to become a mom or you're not and your blessed with many other different life's blessings. 

I felt the same way about getting married and finding a wonderful man. I do or I don't and I would be okay either way. However, I feel so lucky and honored that the universe conspired to give me the title of WIFE and now MOM. It's almost like the moment that I found out, I was filled with an even deeper sense of purpose. 

I already had purpose. How could I have MORE purpose? I don't know. But I can and I do and it feels great. Especially growing a life and how my body has adapted to it. When you spend 33 years of your life as an individual and you've never had any mishaps or "scares," you think "how could I do this? Can my body really make a person, grow the person, deliver, and then raise it?"

And now I am like, YUP. It can. And you know what else I can do?

I can grow a sustainable online fitness business to support my growing family! So I went full-time as a Beachbody coach because if not now, then when? Now is the time to build a business that will keep me home with my bundle of joy but still pay the bills. Now its time to build a business that will help us get a home in the location of our dreams to raise our family! 

Its so exciting. And oddly enough, none of this is scary. Yea... there are moments when I'm like "what am i doing?" but for the most part, its like "I AM HERE AND I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!" 

So if you have EVER thought about becoming a coach on Team Limitless Army, now is the time. We are on fire and its only going to take off from here. Lots to accomplish and achieve! Send me an email at melthecoach (At) gmail.com for details! 

When my Personal Life and Fitness Life COLLIDE at my wedding

Hey loves! I share a lot on social media but most of it has to do with my fitness journey. Not so much of my personal life. However, on my wedding day, my fitness journey and my personal life came together in a super special way! Here is the short version of the story. In late April, I was chosen to be part of a test group for a new dance fitness program that Beachbody is releasing in July called CIZE. Every morning, I go into NYC to dance my butt off. I can't tell you how much weight I lost due to contractual obligations but regardless, I lost weight and learned some amazing choreography.

I got married on May 16th and was able to show some of my and my husband's close friends the choreography and we SURPRISED him with a flash mob!!! It was so amazing to surprise him with this special gift and token of appreciation from not only myself but from his closest friends as well. Look at his face!

 Thank you for being part of MY LIFE. For your messages on social media, for your likes, your comments, and your double taps. It means the world to me! My life is filled with so many joyous people and I am blessed to have a life where I am in love, can follow my passions, and CAN DANCE!

Your support in this journey of life is EVERYTHING to me. I hope you enjoyed a little slice of my life.

Watch this video to learn more about CIZE and if you want to know when the program comes out, please submit your information using the link below. I am DEFINITELY running a test group for the program. You are going to want to work with someone who experienced it first hand! www.cizeTBB.com?referringRepId=299557


Melissa Herreria www.facebook.com/pezzypezzles www.instagram.com/pezzymelly www.facebook.com/funfitchicwithmel

P.S. If you thought the video was fun, please share it with your family and friends! Thank you.

The Desire For More

When you were a child, did you ever think you were just going to be an average person? a cubicle? a number? or did you dream of greatness? My whole childhood, I knew I was destined for really big things. I had no idea what they were and when I was a young adult, I thought I had it all figured out but now at 32, I am back to that question, "what is my destiny?"

I am sure that by now you are aware that our lives are meant to take odd twists and turns and have highs and lows. Its just what happens, how we are designed. There are lessons to be learned, accolades to receive, and much to conquer. I have come to the realization that my biggest gift is the one thing I used to fear doing when I was younger... speaking with others.

Inspiring people to be BIG, to be BOLD, to be WHO THEY ARE by living my life in this way. As a child, I thought being the LOUD version of me, the kid whose voice was so loud strangers would ask her to take it down a notch, was a bad thing. Being curious, being eager, being loud always made others uncomfortable and so I shut it down for many years. Started feeling comfortable in the BACK of the room, started telling people that I actually LIKED being behind the scenes, and almost started to believe it. Truth is, I don't like the back of the room and I very much enjoy being front and center. Yes, I struggle with too many eyes on me BUT WHO DOESN'T?

We live in a judgmental society.

However, it doesn't mean that everyday I can't try to shine a little stronger. Working with people, especially women, and helping them see just how strong and awesome they are through fitness, brings so much happiness to my life. Its what I want to do everyday.

So on this blog, I am taking a vow. To live my life LOUD. I want to continue to grow as a student of life, to learn how to help myself SHINE so that I can help other women do the same. I want to be that person that helps women remove the word shy from their vocabulary because shyness is just an excuse to rob others from our true self. I know it because I used the word many times myself.

Currently, I am reading the book "The Four Agreements" and I am learning that we worry, we live in negative space, and we are angry way too much. Fear is not our friend. I recommend the book! It's a slow read at first but gets much better. Here are the four agreements:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Word.
  • Don't Take Anything Personally.
  • Don't Make Assumptions.
  • Always Do Your Best.


Seems easy enough, right? Well of course, its not! However, I vowed to you that I'm gonna work on me and SHINE so I can help you, and I plan to be impeccable with my word. Hope you are ready for me! 

My very first workout: Gilad Bodies in Motion

I was driving home just now from a morning meeting and I started thinking about my very first workout DVD. Back in high school, I hated sports, athleticism, and gym class. I wasn't much of a team player and my coordination in most sports was lacking... still is. I am not an athlete. However, I was always a dancer.

My high school did not consider dance a fulfillment for gym. So I suffered through being picked last and endured running laps while wheezing, etc. I was always getting into heated "arguments" with my gym teachers due to my many excuses. Except at some point, I did figure out that if I said I had my period, I wouldn't have to play. I had my period every day/week/month. AND I FAILED GYM! Only class I've ever failed in my life! GYM!

Senior year, when most people had fulfilled their gym requirements, I was forced to take the class. Luckily for me, they opened up an aerobics class.

I swear, this was the beginning of who I am today. 

I'll never forget. The class was filled with 20 or so teenage girls, ALL SENIORS, who at some time or another were sitting on the sidelines with me. It was a gym losers reunion. The male gym teacher walked in, said we had to come to the class everyday and attendance was more important than participation. He then said, "I'm going to pop in my mother's videotape and go teach the REAL gym class. I'll check in a couple of times to make sure you are all moving." And THAT WAS IT.


ImageYes, GILAD! I laugh now thinking how corny some of his routines were compared to the quality of fitness DVDs now on the market. However, he got a bunch of 17-year olds moving!

A few girls left the class after attendance was taken but once they figured out that the teacher came back to check up on them, they got into it. Maybe it was because we were all trying to "look hot" in our prom dresses but Gilad got us sweating and no one cared. We were having fun!

AND I LOVED IT. This was actually something I was good at. It was like dancing but my guidance counselor would give me credit!

In retrospect, I owe a lot to Gilad. He got me moving and introduced me to a new avenue that has now become a career. After Gilad, I went on to Billy Blanks and TaeBo, Lucille Roberts aerobics classes, and on and on.

Here'a little look at what the DVD looked like:


Spring Desires

I'm not really one to complain about the weather, the season, or the day. You won't catch me writing, "ugh, it's Monday" or "yay Friday" anywhere because I try really hard to enjoy the present day as much as I can. However, today it's just difficult to do that. Driving in to work today, I was saddened by all the silence winter brings. Just rain, darkness, gray, bare trees and SILENCE. Everything just seems so quiet here. Yesterday, in the morning, I thought I caught a glimpse of Spring. The birds were chirping out my window and the weather felt warm enough for a run. My boyfriend and I were talking about going for a run after work. However, the day got progressively COLDER and there was talk of sleet or snow. We got neither, just rain.

I'm seriously longing for color! I feel like Jennifer in Pleasantville.



Sorry for the sad post. However, how awesome will it be when we can go back out and run and play in the sun. Looking forward to more of this:

mud and logs




susan g. komen nyc


The Indian Ocean in Tanzania, Africa

owned by Melissa Lopez


I can't wait to take my bike out and enjoy the sights and sounds of New York in the Spring/Summer. Yes, I know I can ride or even run in the winter but it's just not the same. March 21.... see you soon!