A Fit Girl's Guide To Travel!

Guess who is packing this weekend? MEEEEE 

Time to get ready for that Royal Caribbean Cruise to Jamaica and Bahamas. All expenses paid by Beachbody. Can you say "wepa?" 

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One of the things I am a master at is packing. Last year I went to Nashville with just my bookbag for a four day weekend!  I am very good at packing light. Actually, my husband and I are taking ONE luggage on the trip! Just one. 

Because I love you, here is a short list I work from to make sure I have what I need. Of course, it changes dependent on the length of the trip. And activities but its a good start. 

- DO NOT FORGET to pack: Passport and other ID, Emergency Contact Information, Insurance Cards, and any medication and/or prescriptions you are taking.

- Pack your own favorite snacks for plane ride, beach time or even just to keep yourself sane. All inclusive and cruises can get dangerous when it comes to food so if you have goals, pack some stuff. ESPECIALLY for the flight. On Jetblue all you get are chips (some airlines give you nothing) and the airport food is either disgusting or expensive. 

- Wear comfortable clothes to the airport to speed up the check in process (make sure you pick up all items from belt).

- Beware of things that may set off the metal detector: Keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDAs), Heavy jewelry (including pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, body piercings, cuff links, lanyards or bolo ties), Clothing with metal buttons, snaps or studs, Metal hair barrettes or other hair decoration, belt buckles, under-wire bras.

Travel Bag (carry on): When packing your travel bag, pack it like it is the only bag you will have. In my case, it sometimes is the only bag I have. You never know if your baggage will get lost or delayed. Be prepared in the event that happens.

  1. Travel Size: Tooth Brush /Tooth Paste/Mouth Wash
  2.  Deodorant
  3. Your Favorite Snacks
  4. Baby Wipes
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Something to Read
  7. Medications
  8. Female Items
  9. IPAD/IPOD/etc
  10. Headphones
  11. Laptop & Power cord
  12. Cosmetics
  13. At Least Two Changes of Undergarments. I usually just pack all underwear in my travel bag.
  14. Change of Clothes. Especially ONE bathing suit. You never know when your bag is getting to your room. 
  15. Light Sweater /Jacket
  16. Agenda

Overall Items to go in your checked luggage:


  1. Undergarments
  2. Comfortable Shoes
  3. Wrist Watch
  4. Pajamas/Robe/Slippers
  5. Light Sweater/Jacket - something versatile
  6. Jeans
  7. Workout Bottoms (as many as you need to get a workout in DAILY) 
  8. Workout Tops
  9. Workout Bras
  10. 2 Pair of Sneakers ( you do not need 1 pair for each outfit)
  11. Socks
  12. Big Girl Outfits: one for each night you are there
  13. Casual Outfits.
  14. Bathing Suits and sun protection lotions and beach bag

Personal Items

1. Toiletry Kit

2. Cosmetics

3. Shampoo/ Conditioner

4. Gel/Hairspray/Mouse

5. Nail Clippers

6. Toothpaste/Toothbrush/Floss

7. Soap

8. Facial Cleanser/Toner/Moisturizer

9. Deodorant / Body Spray

10. Razor/Shaving Cream

11. Brush / Comb

12. Hair Dryer (I do not pack this since hotel has it)

13. Curling Iron/Flat Iron

14. First-Aid Kit

15. Towel / Washcloth (if you are sharing a room)

16. Laundry Bag

17. Female necessities (in case of emergency)

18. Contact Solution/Contacts/Glasses

19. Aspirin/Tylenol/Motrin etc.

20. Large garbage bag (for wet sweaty clothes)

21. Febreze Spray/Bounce Strips (to deodorize dirty clothes on the trip home)

22. SPF

23. Bug spray


1. 1 box of Protein Bars/KIND bars/CLIF Bars

2. Trail Mix

3. Shakeology

4. Magic Bullet Blender


1. Camera

2. Charger for: IPAD, IPOD, Phone and Camera

3. Batteries

4. Reading Materials (airport)

5. Safety Pins/Tape/Scissors (you can have them if you pack them in your checked luggage)

Enjoy your trips! 


How to be a Beautiful Bride on a Budget

Okay, first you are already beautiful. No dress. No makeup. No special flowers or accessories will make you anymore beautiful than you are. However, I needed a title for this blog post and that's what I went with.

I got married on May 16th and one of the things everyone kept commenting on was my wedding outfit. The truth is that it cost me very little to pull it off and I wanted to share it with my brides on a budget. I didn't want to spend lots of money on a dress. When I tried on my "dream" dress, I felt like I was throwing away money if I purchased it.



My solution? I rented my dress from Rent The Runway.  The gown I wore is the Amber Gown by Nha Kahn and it cost me $70 to rent. This isn't for everyone. Especially NOT for Type A personalities. The dress I wore was my replacement dress to the one I ordered because that one did not fit.  Imagine the crying that ensued two days before my wedding! But I got it together and wore the other dress and it all worked out.

I paired it with the "Bride to Be" belt by Badgley Mischka ($50) and Badgley Mischka earrings ($15). All from Rent The Runway. My hair piece was from Mint and Melon Boutique on ($54). Shoes were Michael Kors. Purchased them at DSW. Can't remember cost. I am sure they were under $50.  Plus make up for $100. The total was $339. Originally I was looking at a gown that would have cost $1,400 without accessories and needed to be tailored, etc. Don't believe the hype. You can be a beautiful bride without going bankrupt!!!!!

I hope this helps. I will try to put together a quick post on my ceremony and reception!

Here are a few more pics of our wedding day:







Tips On Purchasing A Wedding Dress While On A Budget

Okay lets face it. A typical wedding is expensive! If you are here, you either know me or you want to save some money and not go crazy purchasing a wedding dress. Well, neither did I! Go us! :) There are tons of ways to get a beautiful wedding dress WITHOUT spending lots of cash. First thing you have to do is stop perusing the internet for styled weddings. Yes, those dresses are gorgeous BUT do you really want to spend $3,000 or MORE on a dress you are wearing ONCE? NO! You don't. Second, get an idea of the type of dress you want but keep your options open.

Go ahead and visit the websites of the typical wedding dress retailers and some of the newer trending sites and FILTER by price. Set your budget and refuse to look at the dresses on the last pages. You are going to fall in love with one of them and you will want it.  And don't be afraid to look at the Bridesmaids dresses. Many of them are simpler, trendier and come in ivory or white! Here are some of the sites I looked at.

These are all $99 at David's Bridal!







And these are between $250 and $500 at BHLDN:









Get my drift here?

Then, go to a pre-owned wedding dress site and search for your dress. Do this step even if you went to a real store and even if you found the dress on sale. Many times the women who are trying to sell their dresses, know the dress is on sale so they will reduce the price of their used dress because they NEED to sell it.  Get the name of the dress and the details so you can search for it on:

If you find the dress, read up on the details, talk to the previous owner and if the price is right, go for it. If not, run a filter for your size and your price range. Don't go over because once again you will find something else you like that does not fit the budget. I mean, you still have to get a veil, flowers, jewelry, etc!

If YOU STILL haven't found a dress, consider checking out some of your favorite stores and looking for white dresses. The ethereal look is in now so if thats what you are looking for then you can find lots at BCBG, Zara and other stores and maybe just a nice maxi skirt, or tulle skirt, or pencil skirt with a cute top will do!

And if you are up for it, check out RENT THE RUNWAY. They rent wedding dresses for pretty cheap. If you live near a store, you can even book time with a stylist and they will show you all of their wedding-like dresses. You can choose from a whole bunch. They also giving you two different sizes the day of just in case you need to go up or down a size. I have actually rented a dress for my big day and I am in love with it. I'm still looking at other dresses but to be honest, the dress I found is PERFECT for my day and it was so cheap. The other thing is that their dresses are designer dresses. So you are not skimping out on quality!

Good luck!!!

Crop top and maxi skirt combo

  Hello you cheeky cats. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and is fully recovered this Tuesday morning. Let's talk about the crop top + maxi skirt style I've been drooling over lately.



I think it's a great summer outfit. It's  feminine and perfect to show off all your hard work at the gym without showing TOO MUCH skin.

Not like there's been much opportunity for that anyway.  WOMP WOMP!

The weather in NY has been pretty dull and uninviting to summer dresses or skirts. It's rained a lot and when it's not raining, it's cold. I wore cardigans for most of last week. However, this past Saturday we had a beautiful 80 degree weather day and I decided to finally pull out my crop top and maxi skirt.


I love the print on the top (purchased on and maxi skirts/dresses are so feminine. I bought the skirt from BodyCentral last year but I am sure it's still in stock. You can fold down the waistline to show your toned abs ;-) but I prefer the higher waist. I am 5'2" and the bottom of the skirt hit my ankles. I'm wearing a size small. Not sure if it's longer with a larger size.

This was my first time experimenting with the self-timer on my new phone and I accidentally took a picture of myself as I was trying to set the phone down. Turned out to be a good shot of my earrings.


Bought them last year from Shoedazzle after returning a pair of poorly made shoes. It came with matching gold and silver bracelets. I think they work well with the shapes on my top.

Lets hope the warm weather is here to stay.

Nasty Gal

As I was taking care of some chores this afternoon, I started thinking back about the time when all of my income was disposable income (over a decade ago). I was quite the budding fashionista. I loved shopping for shoes, bags, clothing, and jewelry at all types of shops. Putting together an outfit was fun and I loved telling people where I found the latest deal, etc. All that's changed now and I am guilty of buying the same top in different colors, matching it with black pants and calling it a day. My priorities have definitely changed.

However, what I like most about the internet is I can shop online and with Pinterest, I can put together outfits that I may purchase SOMEDAY. You know, for a treat. And that treat has arrived by way of a Vegas vacation with some of my closest girlfriends from college!

We booked the trip two months ago and since then I've gone mad pinning outfits and ideas. I'm reinspired to accessorize and I'm excited over shoes like this:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Or this skirt:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Or this sexy dress:

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


Which takes me to the point of this blog post:

I am loving this online shop for all their sexy clothing but also for their free one-day shipping! Yes. I made an order on on a Thursday and received my dresses in the mail on Friday FOR FREE. They offer free overnight shipping on orders over $150 in the United States. Have you checked them out? It's easy to spend that kind of money there. They have so many cute dresses and outfits.

I purchased this dress on NastyGal and I absolutely love it. Can't wait for the opportunity to wear it out.

Gilded lace dressI think it looks good on me! gilded lace dress

It's refreshing to have something to dress up for! Any online shops you visit for your online "window shopping"?