Finding time to workout with a baby/toddler

Its been forever since I have written on here. Mostly because I have been literally running around like a crazy woman all day for the past ten months. Most days, this is me:


Overwhelmed and exhausted. 

But today, I feel in control! 



I am so proud of myself. I worked out first thing in the morning for 5 days straight! I feel like I can really complete this program. It's been awhile since I have felt any sense of control in my life and although I know we can't control everything, its nice to have a routine going. I wanted to share it with you in case there is someone on here with a baby or toddler who feels that you can't figure out how to take care of mommy and baby. Here's how the past 5 mornings have looked: 

  • We wake up, change his diaper and change him out of pjs
  • I get dressed in my workout clothes, bring out toys for him to play. Usually theres a "non-toy" that is interesting to him like luggage or a box that can keep him entertained trying to figure it out while I workout.
  • I nurse him before I start my workout.
  • I press play and workout. There are some distractions but its all good. He runs between my legs, crawls under my planks, jumps on me, etc.
  • I then set him up with fruit for his breakfast so he can eat it and play with it while strapped into his highchair at the doorway of the bathroom while I shower. I have a clear shower curtain so I can watch him. 
  • I get dressed. 
  • Help him finish his breakfast. We go to Starbucks for an iced coffee, and I have my breakfast at home.
  • Play a little more and then nap time and I start to work!!!! He naps a good hour and a half in the morning. 

Its nothing like the routines of my past but it works and we are both getting what we need.

How To Get Started As A Personal Trainer

Here's a quick video I made. It's intended to be part of a larger guide I am building but I want to start sharing my info now with you all.

You know how much I like helping others figure things out and tons of people have asked me how I got started as a Personal Trainer. Funny thing is that when I started researching becoming a personal trainer, I was asking my now husband's cousin a million and one questions because I couldn't find a credible source on the internet. 

So here I am, your trusted source.

There are many ways to get started:

1. You can get a degree in Exercise Physiology and really learn all of the mechanics of the human body before sitting for the test. This is great for someone who is younger or has the time to get back to school. It's not for everyone because you will be taking college level courses. Remember however, that you still need to sit for the certification exams. I would say this is great if you want to work at a facility of some sorts and you want to train a specialized client base. 

According to the International Sports Science Association, "Graduates with an Associate's Degree in Exercise Science work as Master Trainers in health clubs and fitness centers, run their own training businesses, or pursue Bachelor's or other Advanced Degrees in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Physical Education, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, or Chiropractic."

If you are interested in going this route, I highly suggest you check out a number of institutes and college's that offer the degree and take a look to see if the cost, time commitment, etc., is a good choice.

2. The other way is to go the self-study route. There are LOTS of certifying organizations so you really have to think about where you want to work, who would want to work with, and what exactly you want to do. 

3. Research. Research. Research. Here is a list of some of the certification courses I am aware of and the ones most gyms and corporate facilities ask about:

4. Choose Your Study Program.

5. Study and Pass the Exam. Remember, this is the easy part. Just because you pass an exam does not mean you are an amazing trainer. Working with people will determine your worth and your abilities.

6. Begin interviewing for jobs. At the beginning, many gyms will bring you in to their corporate specific Personal Trainers training program. You will be almost like an apprentice, learning the ropes and learning how the gym likes their trainers to train.

You will have to learn salesmanship as well. If talking to people is something you are not comfortable with, get ready to get uncomfortable. You won't have clients if you can't sell them packages. You won't help people if you can't talk to them to offer your help! That's how it is. Get out there and get yourself seen. Many times starting out, your hours are going to be very weird. Remember, fitness professionals work when others don't. 

7. As you become more and more versed as a trainer, you will learn what you like, what your specialty is and you can access continuing education to help you grow as a professional.

8. Maintain your Certification. Part of having a certification means keeping up to date with it. Another reason why to attend courses and access continuing ed through your certifying org is because those courses help you build credit towards your certification renewal! 

Your professionalism is what will keep you in the game so continue growing, learning, and becoming better in your craft in order to demand more dollars and help more people. 

Good luck!!! 

If you haven't yet, check out my blog post ... "Considerations for a Career in Fitness"

22 Minute Hard Corp UNBOXING

I finally received my 22 minute hard corp. I had been doing the program already because I have Beachbody On Demand which is an online streaming service from Beachbody (I even reviewed the program) but I was eagerly awaiting all the materials to come in the mail along with my physical DVDs and THEY ARE HERE. YAYYY.

Here's my YouTube video with everything you get:

But if you are pressed on time:

  • DVDs with all workouts - every workout is ONLY 22 minutes
  • Extra workout to do with a friend - ONLY available through Team Beachbody coaches - you are so lucky because I am one!!!
  • Calendar 
  • Tools to track progress
  • Meal plan guide with detailed instruction on how to get the MOST from this program
  • 30 days of shakeology for MAX results. I drink Shakeology every single day and I am so proud of it. I don't drink six shakes a day. I don't juice. I don't take pills. I drink my shake as one meal, typically breakfast OR a snack. It's a constant in my life and its kept me super healthy and happy! 

Mindset is #1! ALWAYS. Personally, I find the best way to get your mindset right is to participate in a challenge group with supportive people on a similar journey as yours. My newest group starts April 4th! If you want to join, email me at melthecoach (AT) 

Looking forward to hearing from you!


BeFriend Yourself Tip

Lately, I am becoming more and more peeved about the messaging out in the world related to health and fitness. Having been a 16-year old woman once (quite a long time ago), reading women's magazines like they were the bible, I used to yearn for the "perfect bod." 

That messaging is hard to push out of our minds. It's hard to stop thinking about ourselves in this way. And then for the rest of our lives, marketers are trying to get us to push up, slim down, remove this, get rid of that... its so draining. 

No wonder so many women are unhappy with their bodies and themselves. So I am making a conscious effort to flip the script. As someone who is immersed in the health and fitness industry, I want you to understand that weight loss does not equal happiness. And happiness can be achieved without it and when you are happy, you are more excited to take control of your health and when you do that, you lose weight because you are doing things you enjoy vs. beating yourself up. 

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and criticize something about yourself? Whether it's eyes, nose, laugh lines, arms, belly and the list goes on. 

We so easily hate on ourselves. 

Here's a thought, BEfriend Yourself. 

A little challenge: look in the mirror and apologize for all the crappy things you've said in the past. Then, tell that beautiful woman in the mirror, one thing you love about her. 

And every time you think about being a total b!tch to yourself, slow you're roll. And snap yourself back to reality.

SS Beachbody 2016 - Video Update

Hey all,

I just returned from my second Beachbody Success Club Trip. I plan on providing you a complete run through of our activities on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas that Team Beachbody Chartered for us but I have lots of emails to get to. My coaches and challengers come first!

For now, check out my video compilation of the vacation. I took all of my videos and snaps and put them together on YouTube for you!

There are over 300,000 Beachbody coaches in the US, Canada, and PR but only 3,000 get to go on this trip every year. We earn the Success Club trip every year by meeting our monthly milestones! Last year, my team had six coaches on the trip. This year, we were 30! What a success.

If you are interested in joining the Limitless Army, fill out the form here: I am Limitless

Can't wait to hear from you!

For now, check out the video:

Team Beachbody Success Club Trip! 


This is so crazy. Over 800 blog posts between, and the zumba with melissa blog I had way back when, my MOST POPULAR BLOG POST is STILL the one I wrote from the Zumba Convention back in 2011. 

I can't believe I have been on my dance fitness game for this long! And everyday I learn something new. Everyday I feel like a new instructor. In my opinion, its best to keep learning because your craft ONLY gets better. 

Crazy how so much has changed yet stayed the same. I didn't edit the article at all and when you read it, I even mention how "hip hop is not my favorite!" OMG and now I teach CIZE which is based on hip-hop dance fitness. Five years later... huh

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Check out the original, most popular post here:

The last day is always bitter sweet. After such a jam-packed weekend filled with surprises and great experiences, you just don’t want to go home, yet your body is begging you to rest. Most people end up skipping the last day because of pain, exhaustion, etc.

I, of course, chose not to.

We woke up very early AGAIN to jump online for our first workshop: Warm ups and Cool Downs with Tanya Beardsley. If anyone knows anything about Zumba, they would know that Tanya is a superstar in the Zumba world and rightfully so.

Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

She is so knowledgeable, funny, charismatic, friendly and the girl can dance. The Zumba Corporation is lucky to have her. FOR SURE!

Although I live in New York, I have never made it to a Tanya B. certification. She is the Zumba Education Specialist for New York but her classes fill up quickly.  I’ve taken some Master Classes with her before but the opportunity to be in the front row at a workshop with her was something I was looking forward to. We waited online for two hours and it was well worth it.

Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

The topic was warm ups and cool downs. I have my Personal Trainer license from ACE, but I still haven’t obtained my Group Certification class from AFAA (I am working on it). Tanya provided us with much needed knowledge and ideas for my classes. I don’t want to spill the candy in the lobby, so I won’t tell you her secrets BUT I will tell you that I used all her tips in class and it makes a big difference.

There is something about Tanya Beardsley that is “magical.” She embodies the Zumba spirit like no one else and adds her own flavor. The most impressive thing about her is how easy she can make a group of people feel comfortable with her so quickly. Her personality shines.

Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

She also has amazing memory. In class, she referenced me by the Master Class I attended with her last month. THE ROOM WAS JAM PACKED WITH PEOPLE at that Master Class. How she even knew who little old me was, in a sea of Zumba-fanatics is amazing to me. She also referenced Z8fitness! Although I know we are a special group of instructors and of course, I am quite memorable, I really think Tanya is that way with EVERYONE. And just her way of being with me and with everyone else in the room, gave me some reassurance, that my “little obsession” with Zumba is awesome and that acknowledging, remembering little things about my students, and talking to them before and after class is the world to them as Tanya B. meant to me.
THANKS T! If you are reading this, you will see me at your next B2 Certification FOR SURE.


Second class was “Hip Hop: The Zumba Remix.” George Hu and Michael Thomas are awesome dancers and they put the cherry on top of my Zumba sundae (pun intended . . get it Zumba Sunday ;-) ).

George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

I decided to take the workshop because Hip Hop is not my favorite dance to do in Zumba. I love the music, but I’m just not very good at dancing to it. Yeah, I can bust it out at a party but for some reason, it takes me a little longer to get it together for class. Luckily, they broke down some easy steps that look HOT. Yes, I’m going to have to practice, practice, practice but I think I have some great choreography that I can bring to class to switch out the Latin music and spice things up a little more.

And that’s it. New friends to add on Facebook, tons of pictures and videos to share, so much information and memories to last a lifetime.

Zumba Corporate put on an amazing Convention this year for us instructors and I am definitely going back next year.

Peace. Love. Zumba.

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