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Zumba Shake vs. Team Beachbody Shakeology

Hey guys!! 

So as many of you know I am a Zumba Instructor and part of the Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) and a Star Diamond Team Beachbody Coach.

In the beginning of 2016, Zumba announced their new shake.  Its a vegan protein shake that comes in chocolate, vanilla, and mocha flavors. Currently being sold only through the Zumba affiliate network, available to ZINs only. Its cost is $129 and instructors can get it for $99. 


Another instructor asked me the differences between working as a Zumba affiliate selling the Zumba shake and working as Team Beachbody coach selling Shakeology. Thought I would share with everyone - I did so in the video above. 


But in case you don't have time to check it all out. Here is a quick breakdown:

Zumba Shake - $129.00, commission - $15 a bag. In order to make $20 a bag, you have to sell 5 bags a month. 

Shakeology - $129.00, commission - $32 a bag with option to package with workout programs through a challenge pack and increase your income. Offer portion control, meal planning, accountability and support. Also ability to make income by building a team (network marketing). 

Other differences:

You can only be an affiliate if you are ZIN - ZIN membership is $30+ a month. 

You can sell Shakeology and other Team Beachbody programs as a coach. To be a coach, thats $17.95 a month. 

Cost of shakes for the ZIN and coach are the same: $99. 

In my opinion, you can see greater income potential and have more opportunity for product growth as a Team Beachbody coach.

In the video above, I also review the differences in nutrition, etc. 

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This is so crazy. Over 800 blog posts between funfitchic.com, funfitchic.net and the zumba with melissa blog I had way back when, my MOST POPULAR BLOG POST is STILL the one I wrote from the Zumba Convention back in 2011. 

I can't believe I have been on my dance fitness game for this long! And everyday I learn something new. Everyday I feel like a new instructor. In my opinion, its best to keep learning because your craft ONLY gets better. 

Crazy how so much has changed yet stayed the same. I didn't edit the article at all and when you read it, I even mention how "hip hop is not my favorite!" OMG and now I teach CIZE which is based on hip-hop dance fitness. Five years later... huh

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Check out the original, most popular post here:

The last day is always bitter sweet. After such a jam-packed weekend filled with surprises and great experiences, you just don’t want to go home, yet your body is begging you to rest. Most people end up skipping the last day because of pain, exhaustion, etc.

I, of course, chose not to.

We woke up very early AGAIN to jump online for our first workshop: Warm ups and Cool Downs with Tanya Beardsley. If anyone knows anything about Zumba, they would know that Tanya is a superstar in the Zumba world and rightfully so.

Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

Beto and Tanya. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria.

She is so knowledgeable, funny, charismatic, friendly and the girl can dance. The Zumba Corporation is lucky to have her. FOR SURE!

Although I live in New York, I have never made it to a Tanya B. certification. She is the Zumba Education Specialist for New York but her classes fill up quickly.  I’ve taken some Master Classes with her before but the opportunity to be in the front row at a workshop with her was something I was looking forward to. We waited online for two hours and it was well worth it.

Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

Tanya Beardley. Image owned by Melissa Herreria

The topic was warm ups and cool downs. I have my Personal Trainer license from ACE, but I still haven’t obtained my Group Certification class from AFAA (I am working on it). Tanya provided us with much needed knowledge and ideas for my classes. I don’t want to spill the candy in the lobby, so I won’t tell you her secrets BUT I will tell you that I used all her tips in class and it makes a big difference.

There is something about Tanya Beardsley that is “magical.” She embodies the Zumba spirit like no one else and adds her own flavor. The most impressive thing about her is how easy she can make a group of people feel comfortable with her so quickly. Her personality shines.

Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

Image owned by Melissa Herreria.

She also has amazing memory. In class, she referenced me by the Master Class I attended with her last month. THE ROOM WAS JAM PACKED WITH PEOPLE at that Master Class. How she even knew who little old me was, in a sea of Zumba-fanatics is amazing to me. She also referenced Z8fitness! Although I know we are a special group of instructors and of course, I am quite memorable, I really think Tanya is that way with EVERYONE. And just her way of being with me and with everyone else in the room, gave me some reassurance, that my “little obsession” with Zumba is awesome and that acknowledging, remembering little things about my students, and talking to them before and after class is the world to them as Tanya B. meant to me.
THANKS T! If you are reading this, you will see me at your next B2 Certification FOR SURE.


Second class was “Hip Hop: The Zumba Remix.” George Hu and Michael Thomas are awesome dancers and they put the cherry on top of my Zumba sundae (pun intended . . get it Zumba Sunday ;-) ).

George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

George Hu and Michael Thomas, a dynamic duo. Imaged owned by Melissa Herreria. 

I decided to take the workshop because Hip Hop is not my favorite dance to do in Zumba. I love the music, but I’m just not very good at dancing to it. Yeah, I can bust it out at a party but for some reason, it takes me a little longer to get it together for class. Luckily, they broke down some easy steps that look HOT. Yes, I’m going to have to practice, practice, practice but I think I have some great choreography that I can bring to class to switch out the Latin music and spice things up a little more.

And that’s it. New friends to add on Facebook, tons of pictures and videos to share, so much information and memories to last a lifetime.

Zumba Corporate put on an amazing Convention this year for us instructors and I am definitely going back next year.

Peace. Love. Zumba.

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Focus T25 Day 3 AND Zumba

I won't feel my legs tomorrow. I just know it. I think they will fall off in my sleep. That's how I feel. I just struggled to sit with my legs crossed. Today is Wednesday so I teach Zumba over in White Plains with Z8fitness. I typically don't do other workouts when I teach Zumba because it takes a lot out of me. However, I've committed to following the calendar and so therefore, I am going to try my best to do just that. Ideally, I would have done Focus T25 in the morning and Zumba in the evening but I didn't have that luxury this morning. Therefore, I had to plan for a back to back workout.

Luckily, I have friends who are up for a challenge and when I asked them to join me for Zumba and Focus T25, they were in. I got some hesitation and some fear but they were in and I was excited. I packed my car in the morning on my way to work with my speakers, computer, workout dvds, clothes, towel, and workout mats for all of us to use. We did my Zumba class and then gathered up for some Shaun T action. Today was Total Body Circuit. It kicked our butts. At first everyone was a little hesitant about looking foolish but one of my friends brought up the idea of standing in a semi-circle so no one was in the front. I thought that was genius. image

It was fun to work out with friends, especially a routine that no one had done before. We were all on the same level of lost and it was great to have others to help me think about how to modify some of the moves. One of our biggest issues with the workout was that Shaun T doesn't focus enough on the moderations. The camera isn't even on the modifier for every move. So sometimes we just had to make it up. It's a very fast routine. I felt like every 30 seconds we were on to a next move. That made it difficult to follow. At one point, we were still trying to master the "plank walk pushups" when we looked up and noticed he was already on to another move.

It's all good though. I will master it soon. The best part.... WE DIDN'T DIE!!!!!

On to the meals. All my meals were entirely vegetarian. Feels good to not rely on meat everyday.

Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology w cherries and Silk Vanilla Soy Snack: Trader Joe's Breakfast Trail Mix Lunch: Indian Buffet. Not sure what everything was but it was yummy and spicy. Picture below. Had no time for a second snack. Dinner was made entirely (except for evoo and balsamic vinegar) with ingredients from Stoneledge Farm who supplies these yummy vegetables for my CSA share. Heirloom tomatoes and basil in some extra virgin olive oil and roasted squash, eggplant, and fennel drizzled with a basil balsamic vinegar. Even the basil was from the farm. image

I love it. Take care of yourselves and improve step by step every single day. That's all we can do.

Salsa Giants

For those of you who don't know. I am a SALSERA! I love salsa music, salsa dancing, salsa dancers, etc. When a salsa song comes on, I will roll my shoulders and sing-a-long regardless where I am. It's in my blood. So when I heard this song on the radio, I flipped! Marc Anthony, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar D Leon, Nora, Tito Nieves, Luis Enrique, Andy Montañez, & Willy Chirino all on one track. I will definitely work on Zumba choreography for this song. Perhaps this is a turn towards NEW danceable popular salsa on the radio? I hope so.


Apparently, Sergio George a Grammy-award winning producer is working on a DVD/CD project named "Salsa Giants."

Check out the full article here: http://www.voxxi.com/sergio-george-talks-about-salsa-giants/

Fiesta, queremos fiesta!


The Zumba Cookbook

Reading Zumba cookbookBack in 2011, the folks at Z-Life Magazine asked Zumba Lovers to submit their favorite recipes to Zumba.com for a possible cookbook. This year, the cookbook is out and its great! Here are six reasons why. IMG_1765

Reason #1: One of my recipes was chosen for the book!



Yup, my favorite fall/winter soup!butternut squash soup recipe

Reason #2: Lots of variety! Just like Zumba. The categories are: Light Bites, Salads, Soups & Sides, Main Dishes, Desserts, Smoothies, Breads & Granolas.

Reason #3: Cookbook key and suggestions to make the dishes vegetarian. And of course they give you calorie counts, etc. My dish? . . . 170 calories per serving.

Reason #4: All the recipes are made by regular people. They are simple and tried and true.

Reason #5: Pictures! Not just of food (great food pics by the way) but also of crazy Zumba people dressed in wacky outfits and jumping around. I love crazy Z-people.

Reason #6: Lots of stories. You'll find the book is sprinkled with weight loss journeys to inspire you to eat healthy and exercise. I loved reading about fellow Zumba enthusiasts who committed themselves to health and came across great results.

I can tell the book is made with lots of Zumba Love and I wholeheartedly endorse it.

Zumba For Life Recap

Some decisions are so worth it. Back in October, my friend Helen Troncoso asked me if I wanted to participate in an American Cancer Society event and an attempt to be in the Guiness Book of World Records for "largest indoor Zumba class" in Brooklyn. At the time, I thought, "hey Brooklyn is out-of-the-way for me but what the heck, yes." After speaking with the organizer of the event, Joe Gillette, I got the idea that this was a good group of people trying to make a difference and an impact. Well, now I know that it wasn't a good group but a MOB of good people committed to more birthdays. The Relay for Life Committee for Bergen Beach, Mill Basin & Marine Park are rock stars. Go big or go home should be their motto. They planned an amazing event that I was lucky to be a part of. Check out this link for more information on how they made it happen.

[vimeo 56960737 w=500 h=281]

Zumba World Record from Steven Liebowitz on Vimeo.

I've been teaching Zumba since 2009 and this was the most exciting and exhilarating event I have ever been a part of. The moment I pulled up to the Aviator Complex, I was intimidated and excited at the same time. It's a huge space with a lot going on. The event started at 2pm. I arrived at 1pm and the house was already packed with eager participants. People who have lost loved ones to cancer, are survivors, or just want to help. Their energy was powerful the moment I walked in. As I met the other instructors who were going to lead the class, Phyllis, Gerri, Vanessa, and Wilson, I noticed they were just as pumped as I.

zumba for life 1

This was REAL! In a total of 20 seconds we became friends and two hours later we were best friends: hugging, holding hands, and eager for another opportunity to reconnect. I can't even explain how that happened. The phenomenon of it all. How one event can change your perspective. And to think, I almost thought of bailing. I felt so sick in the morning! I've been fighting this cold FOREVER and the thought of jumping in front of a crowd and shaking what my momma gave me felt daunting.

zumba for life 2

Don't worry guys, Dayquil and adrenaline changed it all. I was up first! When I first emailed the crew and told them I was down to do the warm-up, I didn't envision 400 people staring at me. Although I'm extroverted, my first response is always complete shyness. So I took my glasses off. It's my tactic. I see very blurry without them so its more like a blob of people versus a mob of people. THEN THE MUSIC CAME ON!!!!


And my inner Sasha Fierce shined. I really should name her because she isn't me. She's somebody else. She's a whip my hair, shake my butt, move a crowd, dance like no one is watching kind of girl..... not the behind the scenes, avoid eye contact person that is me. Ahh, I am so happy to have been part of it. Cheers! To have danced and laughed with people I never met before. To have made new friends. To more birthdays! I followed the Zumba Daddy oath:

"Today I will hang out with my best friends and my family, I will meet new people and make new friends, I will dance badly to good music in a sincere effort to exercise, I will set a new world record, and help create a world with more birthdays. I am the Zumba Daddy and this is Zumba for Life!"

And next time, so should you!