Confused over Muscle Confusion

So here it goes, I have TWO weeks left of P90x3. This is freaking crazy.  In January, I set out to complete this workout. I also set out a number of personal goals. Keeping on schedule with the workout has helped me stay on schedule with my other goals. This is why I think creating a workout schedule or following a workout program is essential. Showing yourself that you can set a goal, follow a schedule everyday, and reach your goals, is very much indicative of what else you can accomplish. I feel like I can do anything. As I was telling one of my challengers, I never thought I could do a push up or a pull up and now I am doing pull ups and military pushups!



I can't say I am absolutely in love with the schedule with month three.

The schedule alternates every other week and it has me completely out of whack. I can't memorize it and I have to check my schedule like a madwoman every morning to remember what I have to do because I seem to always get it wrong. This is beyond muscle confusion, my mind is equally as confused.

The primary principle behind any of the P90x workouts is muscle confusion. This keeps your body stimulated over time so it doesn't get used to and exercise routine or go through a plateau. According to the P90x3 guide, "Muscle confusion is achieved by training in a series of blocks that are interrupted by transition (aka recovery) periods to maximize a training law called Progressive Overload." Basically, your body responds to a workout, you adapt, master, and then right when you see some gains, they switch it up. The mastery phase is so short that it keeps you guessing and regardless how in shape you felt the week before, you feel like you are back in square 1  the following week. It gets harder, trickier, and more intense every week.


I appreciate all the gains I am seeing from Muscle Confusion, I just wish I wasn't so overall confused over the schedule!

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Week 5 Progress P90x3

I completed the first week of Block 2 today! It felt great and was much faster than Block 1. Definitely my kind of speed. I now have a renewed respect for Tony Horton and his crew. They really know how to prep you for this workout. Block 1 gets you ready to bring your "A game" in the 2nd block. It's amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.13.48 AM



348 calories in 30 minutes!

For people who are afraid of the P90x series, I want to tell you that it's not as intimidating as you might think. You have to take it at your own pace and everyday the workouts get easier for you. Once they get easier, you push harder. That's the science behind it all and it works. If you are looking to get lean muscle, increase your cardio capacity, or lose a significant amount of weight, don't turn your back on P90x3.

This is not a P90x3 yoga move however its a yoga pose I was able to do because of the upper arm strength I've built. I took this picture four days ago.


Just like P90x and P90x2, the P90x3 series is about muscle confusion. Why change something if it works? Except this time, it's done in 30 minutes instead of an hour in a half and I am so grateful.

I have decided that its time to get serious so I have increased my weight to 10, 12.5 and even 15's on some exercises. I am so excited to see what this increase will do to my body and my ability.

Here was the workout:

  • Day 1- Eccentric Upper - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 2 - Triometrics - like Plyometrics but shorter!
  • Day 3- X3 Yoga - great, quick and powerful
  • Day 4- Eccentric Lower - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 5- Incinerator - the killer of all workouts. This is about taking your body to failure
  • Day 6- MMX - like Kenpo X but BETTER
  • Day 7- Rest or Dynamix (I prefer the rest)

New goals for this week: Start meal planning AGAIN. I lost track this week and its hard to stay on the right track eating healthy foods when you aren't prepping in advance. I will work on that.

Email me at melthecoach at gmail.com if you want more information or just reply via my challenge inquiry form.

What people are searching for at FunFitChic.com

I love to look at my stats and see how people get here. Hello Googlers, hope I can answer your questions and direct you to where you need to go on this blog if I have an answer. Coffee and Focus T25

Well, I drink coffee before my workout when I am really sleepy or lethargic. We are busy people and sometimes we are lazy people. Coffee is my friend. Jillian Michaels says its fine. She has no problem with it and even got in trouble on Biggest Loser this season because she gave her contestants coffee pills. So go for it… unless it gives you the runs because the runs and a workout no good. Just remember you will have to drink more water so get that gallon ready. Also, you can buy E&E right here.

Brazilian Butt

This is the most popular search term that gets people to my site since I wrote this blog. I didn't like Brazilian Butt Lift but if you still want it, buy it off my Beachbody site. However, I suggest you take on a squat and lunge challenge to get that booty lifted. Being honest!

Brazilian booty

here you go



What to do after the 30 day shred? Ripped in 30 or Extreme Shred.

What a great question. I absolutely LOVE Ripped in 30. Just look at the abs I got thanks to good ole Jillian Michaels.

abs_funfitchic It is one of my favorite workouts on DVD and I didn't enjoy Extreme Shred. So I say do Ripped in 30. Just my opinion. Good luck.

Is Cardio Axe High or Low impact

If you are dancing with me, it's HIGH impact. I love shaking my booty and moving all around the floor, however …you can keep it low impact by eliminating the bounce. Hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

Dicks Sporting Goods Store Clothes

I love Dicks Sporting Goods and used to swear on it until I found the fitness rack at TJ Maxx. Cheaper, great brands and awesome stuff. I say go to Dicks and if what you want isn't on sale, go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Target. Not worth spending the money. Especially since TJ Maxx carries Nike, Reebok, Adidas and other brands. It may be a little harder to find Under Armour on sale or at one of these stores. If you know of a good place to buy cheap Under Armour clothing, let me know!

I'm a Beachbody Coach

Listen up you sexy minxes, I am now a Beachbody Coach. Why, you ask? BBAltSigsmall

Well, here's my story. I've been working out for a long time. At least ten years; and I've maintained  a healthy weight ranging between 125lbs to 140lbs. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I love to workout and I call myself a fitness geek. I'll try any workout at least once and can get highly addicted to many workouts at the same time.

I've also tried many Beachbody workouts in the past: P90x, Brazilian Butt Lift, P90X2, Insanity

However, I stayed far away from Beachbody challenges. "I don't need anyone motivating me through a workout, I'm self motivated... etc, etc."

Well, enter my good friend and now MY COACH. She posted a challenge on her Instagram account kindly asking if anyone was interested. I asked her what it entailed and I signed up. Shakeology plus T25. A workout, I was already interested in trying. Sure, why not? What can SHE teach ME?


If you've been following along, SHE and Beachbody have taught me a lot. What I learned most was how unconcerned I was about the food I put in my body. I was working out like an animal and then grabbing a pizza or a turkey burger with french fries and dismissing how that might affect me.

How come I was sluggish all the time? How come I was always tired? Always sick? Why the hell didn't I make the connection? Here I was telling you guys and my group fitness students and clients that they needed to be healthier versions of themselves, yet I was throwing my hard work out the window as every time I didn't consider what I was eating.

The challenge and consuming Shakeology everyday for breakfast has helped me meal plan for the week, consider healthier options, and replace unhealthy foods for healthier ones.

Here's an example: Today, I was starving and "I had nothing to eat at home." I wanted to eat so bad and I wanted instant gratification (read: someone to cook for me). I ran through all the quick food options in my neighborhood.... ate that already, too salty, ugh, too heavy, etc. And I was still not happy. So instead of getting in my car and spending $20 or more on dinner, I decided to cook.  I put together a salad with lettuce, radishes, onions and green peppers. Topped the salad with one whole egg, one egg white, turkey, and a handful of low-fat mexican cheese.

That would never have happened before! I would have gone out for some heavy pasta dish to fulfill my palate and my hunger quickly or something. Penne a la vodka was my go to.... mmmm (and not the whole wheat pasta).

Here is my 60 day progress, very soon I will post the complete progress after completing T25. THIS IS MY LAST WEEK!

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.49.51 PMI'm here to help you if you're ready and if you're not and want to talk about it, reach out to me. Remember, I can help you in many ways.... as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and now Beachbody coach..... your health is my main concern.






T25 Beta Week 3

I must admit, I lost count of the days. I'm sure I could just get up and take a look at the calendar but I'm not really counting down anymore. I am enjoying the Beta cycle a lot. It's faster and much more fun. I can't believe I'm done with Week 3 of the Beta cycle after this weekend. My plan is to do Alpha and Beta once again and then purchase the Gamma DVD's and try that round. Hopefully by then I will be a Beachbody coach myself and can get some challengers to join me. What do you think? I think it would be fun to assist a few people with their at-home fitness journey. I'm really happy with my results. As you all know, I've been working on my fitness for awhile. You may also know that I have dabbled in making healthy meals but I never really committed until now. You know that common phrase, abs are made in the kitchen? I didn't believe it. I worked out. I was thin. I was strong. I just thought more cardio, more crunches, more, more, and more exercise would get me the abs I always dreamed for.

Umm was I wrong. 60 days after committing to drop the diet soda, morning croissant, chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, french fries, pizza, beer and all those fast but no good for me options, I saw some abs pop! Like popcorn, I swear. lol

I am just two pounds heavier now than I was when I started and you really can't tell. Looks like I've lost weight but I haven't. I'm shredding and building muscle. You can see for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.49.51 PM

It wasn't a miracle and it wasn't just the exercise. CHANGE YOUR POOR EATING HABITS PEOPLE! I believe it now. For your own health, begin making some serious food changes. If not for the abs, then for your heart and your life. Let me know if you need help getting started or substituting current "go-to" food choices for others. Perhaps I could help.



Jillian Michaels Body Revolution For Sale

IMG_2025 Hello you fit and beautiful people. For those of you interested in Body Revolution, I am selling mine. Not because I didn't like it but because I bought Focus T25 by BeachBody and I'm trying to stay away from being a fitness DVD hoarder. It's really hard to part from this bad boy but I know that variety is the spice of life and definitely the way to improve my fitness. I did the program twice and then used some of the routines I liked over and over again in my own made up schedule. The bid starts at $55.00 and Buy It Now price is $75.00. If you buy it online, it will cost $134.00 with shipping so THIS IS A DEAL.

You can find the link to the ebay listing here: