Call Me Crazy OR Better Yet, INSANE



Hey everyone, as my friend reminded me on Facebook, this time last year, we were going crazy over the end of the Twinkie. What is wrong with us?!?!? Anyway, a year later and a bunch of you have joined me in this fitness journey. GO YOU!

It's late November and its that time of year where some of us stop working out because of the holiday, but me, I'm anxiously awaiting the new program by Shaun T, Insanity Max 30.

I was lucky enough last year to audition for this program and I got a sneak peek inside the insane mind of the creator. I made it to the last round and was sent home after two grueling days with a hug from Shaun T. Not to shabby!



I thought my muscles would give out and my heart would literally pop out of my chest. He is no joke.  The point of this program is to push you past your current limits.  Even after some of my friends who have done the workouts told me that its the craziest workout on DVD, I sit here writing to you to let you know that I CAN'T WAIT for its release!!!! Call me INSANE but I can't wait to push my body to the MAX.

Currently, I have created a schedule with three different programs. P90X3 for variety, PiYo because I teach it and enjoy the routines, and Beast for strength. Every week, based on my class schedule and whether I plan on subbing a few classes, I fit the Beachbody programs in. I am following a super clean eating plan to ensure I stay at a comfortable 130lb. But in December its time to SHOCK the BODY with the Insanity Max 30 nutrition plan and workout program. I can't wait to get on a new workout schedule.

Only 5 days a week and 30 minutes with MAXIMUM results. Why not?! If you want more info on the launch or want to join me, follow this link:

Let's do it!!



I am scurred and excited at the same time. Who are the brave souls that will join me?!

How to Stay Fit for a Lifetime

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.23.13 PM

Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 9.23.13 PM

We all go through phases… "I remember the summer of (enter year here) when I was so super fit but then life happened." But why does that have to be the case?  Why does that fit year in your 20s have to be nostalgic? Why not get fit and stay fit for life and avoid jumping on and off the horse?

When you train with the focus of "I want to be BETTER TODAY" you'll see a huge difference . Of course, I am well familiar that fitness journeys MOST LIKELY start with vanity. I want to lose weight for a vacation, a reunion, family party, my wedding, and etc. But the problem is when we set these timelines for ourselves, we also set ourselves up for disappointment on day 1 AFTER our goal date.

Here are some tips:

  1. Switch it up. Do different workouts: Pilates, Yoga, Running, Weight lifting, Hiking, Indoor or Outdoor Cycling, Plyometrics, Crossfit or Kickboxing.  This is really important as you age. When you are 22, your metabolism is crazy and your body adapts quickly to routines. As you get older, you need to switch it up, and get uncomfortable to keep your mind excited and your body in a good, healthy place.
  2. Be present! Learn to slow down and celebrate the small positive changes in your body and your life. So you get super busy? Your life changes? You can't workout an hour a day? So what! Find a thirty minute workout.
  3. Train in a way so you can come back the next day. Don't train to failure everyday or you will wear yourself out and by the end of the week, you'll be too tired to exercise.
  4. Make and KEEP your fit friends close! These are the friends that will take a new class with you, join you for a long run, or come over to your house and motivate you to do an indoor workout.
  5. Make a plan! You need to have it written down and actually check it off EVERY SINGLE DAY. Plan out the week and then the month. Our lives get busier and busier with each passing day. We can't let our fitness routines squeeze through the cracks. It's important and should be part of your daily schedule.
  6. Have a purpose! Your purpose should be something about improving your energy, feeling better, and motivating others.  Not about what others think of you or how you look. We aren't models, so who cares what people think? Its about HOW YOU FEEL. What can you do? Can you run around after your children? Grandchildren? Walk your dog without getting tired? Go for a hike and take the HARD trail?

Hope this lit a fire in your tush! Now get up and exercise!

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P90x3 Before and After

It is officially OFFICIAL. I have completed one full round of P90x3. I stuck to the 90 days exactly as set out on the calendar. When I fell back, I doubled up. When I felt tired, I made it happen. If I knew I was going to have a busy day, I did it in the morning and vice versa. I NEVER cheated. Well, except yesterday when I had some frozen custard. Otherwise, its been all clean eating, ALL THE TIME. Everyday I drank Shakeology in the morning, ate 6 meals a day, and worked out. Very simple and the results I got were just crazy.

I can do pull ups and push ups, including plyo pushups, and my flexibility has improved!

What I've learned:

  1. A fitness program needs to have a little of everything. You can't just do cardio and you can't just do strength work and absolutely ignore everything else. Definitely never ignore stretching.
  2. Push ups and pull ups are essential. So what you can lift 100 pounds over your head, but can you lift yourself up?
  3. Balance, Balance, Balance. Its the key to life and the key to a workout program.
  4. Eating 6 meals a day and drinking water is so important. The days I failed, my workout suffered.
  5. Food logging is king when trying to stay on track. How else will you stay accountable.
  6. Letting people know about your routines is important as well. People keep you accountable when they ask, "how's that thing you were doing going?"
  7. When it comes to food, keep it interesting. The internet is full of ideas.
  8. Tony Horton is the MAN! I love the guy and he is a mentor to me although I have never met him. Can't wait for the day when we cross paths.

Oh and now for the big reveal:


Off to BODY BEAST with some added yoga next week! 90 days of the beast.

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Confused over Muscle Confusion

So here it goes, I have TWO weeks left of P90x3. This is freaking crazy.  In January, I set out to complete this workout. I also set out a number of personal goals. Keeping on schedule with the workout has helped me stay on schedule with my other goals. This is why I think creating a workout schedule or following a workout program is essential. Showing yourself that you can set a goal, follow a schedule everyday, and reach your goals, is very much indicative of what else you can accomplish. I feel like I can do anything. As I was telling one of my challengers, I never thought I could do a push up or a pull up and now I am doing pull ups and military pushups!



I can't say I am absolutely in love with the schedule with month three.

The schedule alternates every other week and it has me completely out of whack. I can't memorize it and I have to check my schedule like a madwoman every morning to remember what I have to do because I seem to always get it wrong. This is beyond muscle confusion, my mind is equally as confused.

The primary principle behind any of the P90x workouts is muscle confusion. This keeps your body stimulated over time so it doesn't get used to and exercise routine or go through a plateau. According to the P90x3 guide, "Muscle confusion is achieved by training in a series of blocks that are interrupted by transition (aka recovery) periods to maximize a training law called Progressive Overload." Basically, your body responds to a workout, you adapt, master, and then right when you see some gains, they switch it up. The mastery phase is so short that it keeps you guessing and regardless how in shape you felt the week before, you feel like you are back in square 1  the following week. It gets harder, trickier, and more intense every week.


I appreciate all the gains I am seeing from Muscle Confusion, I just wish I wasn't so overall confused over the schedule!

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P90x3 Day 66 of 90

Hey ladies and gents. So it's Day 66 of 90 and I've missed writing about P90x3 for the past two weeks. I am on week two of the last month. It's crazy. It's flown by. Today, I had to double up and do Eccentric Upper and the Triometrics (lower body/cardio) workout. I say it's crazy because even though the first workout was entirely upper body, my legs were shot and I was pushing and suffering through Triometrics but I got it done. Triometrics is all jump training and legs. You do three versions of a move - basic, moderate and intense version. All for 20 seconds each and I was shot five minutes in. That's the beauty of these workouts - the schedule is genius. It's not like when you are at the gym and Thursday is always leg day and you do the same thing. Even though the workout on the DVD never changes, the schedule does and the way they place them on your calendar really makes a big difference in your progress.


What I have noticed and would recommend to anyone who wants to try a Beachbody workout is that Focus T25 helped slim me down but P90x3 is now helping to create muscle definition. I like it. If you have questions, don't forget, I am a Beachbody coach and can help.

Week 6 Progress P90x3

Hey everyone. I am so happy I completed Week 6. The routines are the same as in Week 5 so I am not going to bore you with the details. What I will say is that it really doesn't get easier. I am pushing harder and getting stronger and its just as rough as the first day. I can't wait until recovery week. One more week to push through before I get there and then I am off to Block 3. This program is moving fast. Two things I am happy to announce - I can do 1.5 chin ups all by myself without the chin up assist! YAY. I would really love to do ten one day. That would sure be a fun party trick, wouldn't it? That and a handstand.

I am much closer to the handstand than the chin ups or pull ups. I have been working on my handstand practice ALMOST daily. Activate the core, push the floor, flex the toes, engage your fingers, look between you hands and kick up!!! It's hard but I am trying.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.19.36 AM


I got two seconds of hang time in there. P90x3 yoga is helping, especially in regards to flexibility. I feel like recovery week will help me get in the right zone to improve.  I follow this blog for tips.

Oh and TWO more things to announce. I feel like I've said this before but my abs have joined the party! Actually, now they really did join the party and its sick. I never imagined abs like this. Hurry up summer because I need crop tops and cute two piece swimsuits.


And I have decided to start a fit club!!! Fit Clubs are an opportunity for people to try a Beachbody program with like-minded people for free. My first fit club is scheduled to start on the last Saturday in March. We will be working out to one of the 21 Day Fix workouts. I am excited about it because the 21 Day Fix is  so new that it will give people who are a bit skeptical or unsure of it, an opportunity to give it a shot. My goal is to run the clubs monthly, however, if the demand is there, I can increase that. Looking forward to meeting some of you there and making new friends!

What workouts did you do this week? Have you tried anything new?