five foods

10 Day You Challenge, Day 8

Five Foods: The glutton in me got pretty excited for this one. I really do love food. (All in moderation, right?)

  1. Goat Cheese. Whenever I think of awesome salads or great pairings with food - I think of GOAT CHEESE. It's so simple but it's delicious. The flavors and types of goat cheese range from mild to pungent and it makes my mouth water.
  2. Falafel. I love the Falafel at Turkish Cuisine on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains, NY. I taught Zumba right up the street from this awesome restaurant. Needless to say, DANGEROUS!
  3. Chicken and Lamb Combo Platter from 53rd & 6th, NYC. One hard night of partying in midtown or anywhere for that matter WILL take you to either a diner or 53rd & 6th. I always opt for the latter.

  4. Chicken Pad-Thai from Klong's NYC. A friend brought me here over four years ago and I can't stop craving the delicious Pad-Thai at Klong's. I remember when they were closed for boyfriend and I were distraught. We were on St. Mark's Place - on a bustling and flavorful corner of NYC - and we felt like there were no good options for food left in the world.
  5. My homemade lasagna - recipe provided by a Fantabulosa. ;-)