Electric Run Brooklyn NY

Last week, I ran the Electric Run! The Electric Run is a 5k outdoor event in the dark with glow in the dark structures, house music and runners wearing glowing accessories.

However, there wasn't much running. Most of the people who participated in the run.....walked.

My girlfriend's and I were prepared to run. I had even tested my abilities two days before to make sure I could still run three miles.


Despite all the people, objects and outrageousness in the way, we did it!!!! Together..... As I'm getting older, I am loving sharing my love of outdoor activity, health, and fitness with my girlfriends.


Instead of dates to the bar, we are planning hikes, runs and dance classes together. We have replaced our favorite fried food restaurants with farm to table sustainable goodness and we are doing it together.

It feels great to evolve as part of a community.

Started running ....again

Back in 2011, I gave running a shot. If you search Couch to 5k on the blog, you will see my progress. I ran my first 5k and I was ecstatic. I was also in amazing shape. Having done p90x twice, taking kickboxing and teaching zumba, I thought nothing could slow me down. Then pain showed up uninvited to the party. After a few doctor visits, I learned I was dealing with tendonitis on my right ankle and knee. It sucked big time and not really knowing how to deal, I just stopped running and dedicated myself to doing routines I knew wouldn't aggravate me.

However, after reading many blogs and posts of other runners with similar issues, I've decided to lace up again. This time I'm going to work on being more careful.  Not doing several different high intensity workouts in one day, resting every two days from running, working on my quad, hamstring, and calf strength and truly listening to my body. At the end of the day, thats key. My main issue in the past waa doing too many things in one day. It's generally not a good idea to run and then do p90x plyometrics, unless your an amazing athlete.

Running makes me feel good. Having been a person that couldn't run to the bus without being completely out of breathe, I take pride in having run 3.1 miles straight. It's unbelievable and I want to do it again and I want to do it carefully.

Today was day 2 of Couch to 5K and I'm proud of myself. No pain. I'm going to keep researching methods to alleviate or end pain. I'll share what I find along the way.


Susan G. Komen for the Cure - I shared, I ran, I conquered

My first 5k was a great success and I couldn't have picked a better cause. I started my day bright and early on Sunday - anticipating a successful run but I got much more than that. At 7:30am, my car was parked in NYC and I walked my way to registration to pick up my bib. The sea of pink was amazing and it just kept growing. I saw survivors, over heard their stories, read about families that have l lost several daughters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers to breast cancer - and all other types of cancer. I thought of my family and of my aunt who fought her battle with cancer for quite a long time before losing it and decided that this run wasn't just for me. It wasn't about my first 5k - it was about my aunt, my family, and the many other friends and families affected by cancer.

susan g. komenMillions of people affected and thousands of them were there with me that morning.

Once my sole sisters arrived, we headed over to Starbucks and managed to miss the moment the runners were let out for the run.

But all is good when you are great company. Even a 5k run. These girls rocked! We talked, we dodged walkers, made plans for dinner and drinks, and they looked back for me whenever we were separated. I couldn't have chosen two better women to run side by side with. At the end, we crossed the finish line hand in hand! Great success and I'm looking forward to more 5k's in the future. Who knows what's next.

susan g. komen nyc

Pre-race day tips - "nothing new"

Oh, look at what I found: Pre-race and post-race day tips for half marathon and marathon runners.

It's a good article for anyone considering increasing the length of their runs. I particularly think the "nothing new" concept is very important and holds true for any type of training. If you have trained wearing a certain pair of shoes, clothing, socks, etc. and you follow a particular routine, deviating can be a real blow to your performance and your mental state.




The Perfect Run

Sometimes, when you go for a find inspiration and beauty in your surroundings. Yesterday, my sole sister and I went for a morning run at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle and that's exactly what we encountered. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!

I've visited Glen Island Park for birthday parties, picnics, etc. but it's always in the summertime - midday when there are so many people at the park. Yesterday morning was quiet and serene. Just us, a sprinkle of other runners, ducks, geese, and the beauty of mother earth.

At Glen Island Park, you encounter a castle, war remnants, sculptures, a beach, boat harbor, the Long Island Sound, and silence. It was so perfect that I didn't want to stop running but we had to go to handle the rest of our day's responsibilities.

I didn't have my camera but below you can find some pictures of the park courtesy of and

Do you have a location that you visit that puts you at peace? A place that inspires you? Please share.

Week 7 - almost done with Couch to 5k

I can't believe I am at week 7 already! This rain is totally not helping me wake up in the morning and run. It's Thursday and I have only gone out once this week. I ran yesterday on the treadmill and that my friends is BORING. At week 7, I am running a full 25 minutes!  It's super exciting for me and I can't wait to run my first 5k and move on to a Half-Marathon and lastly, run the NYC Marathon. Those are my running goals and I will achieve them.  WOO HOO!

Last week, on the last day of week 6, I went out for a run. I was totally pumped to run on the track. When I arrived, I was informed that it was closed to the public. I saw other runners running around the streets, so I decided to join them.

Something terrible happened as I was half-way through my run. I got this incredibly painful cramp on my right side. It was so bad that I had to stop. Disappointed in myself and in my body, I stopped, did some breathing exercises and continued to run. The intensity of the pain GREW and I couldn't take it. I had to end my run.

I decided to speak to my friends that are runners and two of them told me that they have experienced the same pain. One friend informed me that she had no clue why it happens and if I could figure it out, she would be very grateful. So I asked the other friend, my sole sister, the nurse. She asked me if I ate before I started running. The answer was no. She also asked if I felt dehydrated at all. The answer was sort of. I did drink water before my run but I don't think I consumed enough. I also think I had an alcoholic beverage before bed the night before.

Her answer: Lactic Acid build-up. 

I've heard about this before and I read about it in my personal training books but I NEVER EXPERIENCED IT MYSELF. Lactic Acid is produced in the body when your body is working really hard to get oxygen to your muscles. The pain occurring is caused by your body's inability to get rid of the lactic acid quick enough. The only answer is to slow down your exercise intensity and allow your body to recoup.

Hopefully this is the last time I feel this pain, I want to get through my first 5k without an issue.