spin class in tuckahoe

Spin Class at Pyramid Squash Fitness

I took my first spin class today in six years and it felt great. I had stopped taking spin for several reasons but the primary reason being that I quit the New York Sports Club and started working out at home. I couldn't find a spin class in my area that wasn't associated to a gym . . .  UNTIL NOW. A fellow blogger and friend of a friend just started teaching spin at Pyramid Squash Fitness with ITRAINWITHJUAN.

It was an awesome class. I was once a total spin addict and I can see myself returning for more Sunday morning (10am) classes with Stacy. Her playlist rocked and her energy was great. I loved how she sang along to the songs and would get off the bike to cheer me on. I've never had a spin instructor do that and it makes a difference. Spin was always "so serious" but Stacy added a fun element to it. She is really passionate about preparing for her classes and takes every bit of the class seriously.

My butt aches already and I totally had to take a nap after that workout. It knocked me out. It's so important to switch up your routine and re-awaken your muscles. This class definitely pumped me up for some future outdoor rides.

If you are interested in attending Stacy's class. She teaches at Squash Pyramid Fitness, located at 30 Elm Street, Tuckahoe NY on the 3rd floor. The first class is free and then you can speak with Juan about joining. The prices were pretty decent. Once my Sundays free up, I will definitely consider buying a package.

Btw, Stacy has also had an amazing weight loss journey that you can read all about in my Fit Chicas series. If you want to check out her personal blog, take a look here.