PiYo Review

Alright guys and gals, I am trying  something a little different here. I finally got the courage to put together a workout review ON VIDEO for you. I have reviewed many home workouts for a very long time but its always been pictures and images. The problem is that I haven't had much time to actually get that done.

Now, I can get my workout done and sit in front of my computer or phone and tell you what I thought.

Here it goes:

If you enjoyed the video, let me know and I will definitely do more of these!

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PiYo Strength Certified

Alright my lovely friends, I am certified in PiYo Strength! 10155205_10100448059741677_954385055127400149_n

YAY!!! But what the what is PiYo Strength?

I knew you would ask. This is PiYo Strength:


PiYo is a music-driven, athletic workout inspired by the mind/body practices of Pilates and yoga that also includes flexibility training, strength training, conditioning, and dynamic movement. It includes modifications for the group exercise environment, yet offers exercise progressions to challenge all levels. As a mainstream alternative to traditional practices, it does not involve chanting, meditation, Sanskrit terminology, or expressed spirituality. However, fitness enthusiasts who participate in PiYo classes regularly can gain the same benefits individuals seek from Pilates and yoga: Improved strength, flexibility, balance, stress reduction, and overall fitness level improvement.

piyo strength union nj

I thought this was a great class for me to start teaching because I love yoga and the benefits of Pilates but I also enjoy teaching cardio and strength training classes. The fusion of all of these styles was very interesting to me.

It was definitely a fun training to take. I seem to always end up in New Jersey for my trainings. I feel like programs are introduced much faster in NJ than they are in my area of New York so its nice to learn new programs and introduce them to my area.

Kara Buono was my Master Trainer and she's great! Her energy definitely kept us awake and motivated for the 8 hour training. She's also super helpful, entertaining, and informed about the health and fitness industry.

kara buono and funfitchic

One of the things I enjoy most about stepping out of my city, county, and state for a training is meeting new people. The other instructors and fitness enthusiasts in the room were lots of fun. PiYo is gaining popularity and we were 30 people deep. When your mats are as close as ours were, there's no way you're not going to become instant friends. Although, I didn't get to meet everyone,  the folks in my corner of the room were fun and we had a good time learning from one another.

piyo union nj

Allow me to give you a little idea on how those eight hours were spent: When we first arrived, we received our PiYo lessons which include choreography and a brief introduction from Kara. She discussed with us her background and how she became a Master Trainer and also the history of PiYo. We read through a number of pages in the 90 page manual. Two hours later we got to sweat and take the class ourselves with Kara as our instructor.

I love yoga but I'm not equally in love with Pilates so I was a little hesitant about the class. The warm up was great and by the second song, I was sweaty! I was also smiling the whole time. You can't stop smiling even though you are in pain and working hard! We didn't do any of the Pilates moves I dislike but we did do lots of Sun Salutations which is my favorite part of yoga. One of the things I noticed immediately was how great the workout was for opening my hips. Lots of movement to open up the shoulders and the hips which are typically tight because we all work sitting down while staring at our computers for most of the day. All class participants will receive great benefit from the program, especially in the areas of balance, posture and core strength. Who doesn't want a stronger core?

After the Master Class, we reviewed some of the harder moves with Kara (aka, lots of time in Chatarunga). This was a good way to learn modifications and also review our form. After lunch, we got to work on a song in smaller groups. I liked the opportunity to practice.

Piyo union nj

Usually the song you learn at a training ends up being your favorite song. (Zumba instructors know what I am talking about….. FUEGO!!!!!) We worked on the choreography to Summertime Sadness! Yes, PiYo Strength is done to contemporary music and not traditional yoga or Pilates music. I think this program was made for me!

Overall, I like what I saw and I am looking forward to practicing, learning more about the program and introducing it to fitness facilities in Westchester County. I also like the fact that we can teach anywhere because all a participant needs is a yoga mat, their body and gravity. I'm thinking, PiYo at the beach? Are you with me?

Check with me soon as I start developing my master plan to take over the circuit with PiYo!

And if you own a gym or other fitness facility and think you want PiYo or you want a demo, feel free to reach out to me! funfitchicblog(at)

Yoga and digestion

This post is entirely based on opinion. I did no research before writing this but I felt compelled to share. There's a ton of other false or questionable information on the internet, why not add some more, right? Anyway, I have noticed that yoga has aided me through digestion. On the weekends, I don't eat as structured as I do on the weekdays. Those days I end up feeling bloated or getting that annoying feeling that food is just sitting around in my intestines. This weekend I had a feeling that yoga would help me get over that feeling. So I busted into some Sun Salutations followed by Warrior 1, 2, and 3 and then a few headstands and I don't know the science behind this but it helped. It really helped move food along. I felt my metabolism kick in and things were burning and moving.

TMI or whatever but I think this is useful and practical information here!

If you have no clue what a Sun Salutation sequence looks like, here's a cool graphic:


And here is a cool video from KinoYoga, my favorite YouTube yogi:


And because right before hitting publish, I decided to do a quick Google search: Here are more poses that LEGIT aid in digestion:

Week 6 Progress P90x3

Hey everyone. I am so happy I completed Week 6. The routines are the same as in Week 5 so I am not going to bore you with the details. What I will say is that it really doesn't get easier. I am pushing harder and getting stronger and its just as rough as the first day. I can't wait until recovery week. One more week to push through before I get there and then I am off to Block 3. This program is moving fast. Two things I am happy to announce - I can do 1.5 chin ups all by myself without the chin up assist! YAY. I would really love to do ten one day. That would sure be a fun party trick, wouldn't it? That and a handstand.

I am much closer to the handstand than the chin ups or pull ups. I have been working on my handstand practice ALMOST daily. Activate the core, push the floor, flex the toes, engage your fingers, look between you hands and kick up!!! It's hard but I am trying.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 1.19.36 AM


I got two seconds of hang time in there. P90x3 yoga is helping, especially in regards to flexibility. I feel like recovery week will help me get in the right zone to improve.  I follow this blog for tips.

Oh and TWO more things to announce. I feel like I've said this before but my abs have joined the party! Actually, now they really did join the party and its sick. I never imagined abs like this. Hurry up summer because I need crop tops and cute two piece swimsuits.


And I have decided to start a fit club!!! Fit Clubs are an opportunity for people to try a Beachbody program with like-minded people for free. My first fit club is scheduled to start on the last Saturday in March. We will be working out to one of the 21 Day Fix workouts. I am excited about it because the 21 Day Fix is  so new that it will give people who are a bit skeptical or unsure of it, an opportunity to give it a shot. My goal is to run the clubs monthly, however, if the demand is there, I can increase that. Looking forward to meeting some of you there and making new friends!

What workouts did you do this week? Have you tried anything new?

Week 5 Progress P90x3

I completed the first week of Block 2 today! It felt great and was much faster than Block 1. Definitely my kind of speed. I now have a renewed respect for Tony Horton and his crew. They really know how to prep you for this workout. Block 1 gets you ready to bring your "A game" in the 2nd block. It's amazing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 12.13.48 AM



348 calories in 30 minutes!

For people who are afraid of the P90x series, I want to tell you that it's not as intimidating as you might think. You have to take it at your own pace and everyday the workouts get easier for you. Once they get easier, you push harder. That's the science behind it all and it works. If you are looking to get lean muscle, increase your cardio capacity, or lose a significant amount of weight, don't turn your back on P90x3.

This is not a P90x3 yoga move however its a yoga pose I was able to do because of the upper arm strength I've built. I took this picture four days ago.


Just like P90x and P90x2, the P90x3 series is about muscle confusion. Why change something if it works? Except this time, it's done in 30 minutes instead of an hour in a half and I am so grateful.

I have decided that its time to get serious so I have increased my weight to 10, 12.5 and even 15's on some exercises. I am so excited to see what this increase will do to my body and my ability.

Here was the workout:

  • Day 1- Eccentric Upper - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 2 - Triometrics - like Plyometrics but shorter!
  • Day 3- X3 Yoga - great, quick and powerful
  • Day 4- Eccentric Lower - all moves are done at 1 count concentric/3 count eccentric
  • Day 5- Incinerator - the killer of all workouts. This is about taking your body to failure
  • Day 6- MMX - like Kenpo X but BETTER
  • Day 7- Rest or Dynamix (I prefer the rest)

New goals for this week: Start meal planning AGAIN. I lost track this week and its hard to stay on the right track eating healthy foods when you aren't prepping in advance. I will work on that.

Email me at melthecoach at if you want more information or just reply via my challenge inquiry form.

Week 4 Progress P90x3

Wow. Week 4 started off slow and ended STRONG. Tony Horton sure has a way of doing things. I started out the week really upset about P90x. Rest week felt so slow. These were our workouts:

I am one of those people who enjoy fast paced crazy workouts and even though I have completed P90x and I know that Rest Week is intended to prepare you for the next Phase, I was a little disappointed.

UNTIL Thursday. Pilates X is great. It was my first time ever doing any Pilates type workout and I must say it was rough. I have to get used to the breathing but I loved all the core work and my legs felt really sore the following day. And of course, in true Tony Horton fashion, when one body part is sore, we have to drill the others … CVX came just in time.

CVX is a cardio based workout with weights. This means my shoulders and arms are burning AND my legs are sore. This is "rest week." Can't ask for anything more. I have to take my Phase 1 - after pics. However, I will leave you with this picture of me doing a bridge after X3 Yoga. Look at my arms! I think that's progress.


Looking forward to my Sunday rest day.

I had two highlights this week. The first one has to do with my new ability to do a headstand without a wall!

The second is that one of my challengers just completed her first week of P90x3 and lost 4 pounds!

I love progress. It's all about the journey. If you want to be part of my challenge group, fill out this form and I will get back to you: The FunFitChic Challenge