Hey Fit Badass! she's in there, I know it!

Let's be honest... we could all use more coffee, chocolate, and sex. Am I right?

So what you're really saying is you're tired of feeling TIRED, you're always craving SUGAR, and you are ready for HEART POUNDING, SWEAT INDUCING exercise. (see what I did there!)

But let's get serious.

You want to feel sexy, healthy, and confident. You commit to an exercise plan and you don't follow through.

You start the day with fruit but end it with a chocolate cake.

You set all these alarms to remind yourself to workout and you snooze. 


NOPE! There is another way!

Why make all of these commitments alone when you can work with a group of women on the same journey. We are ready to share sweaty selfies, challenge you to a plank-a-thon, and teach you how to make Pinterest worthy meals!

There's no need to roam the supermarket trying to figure out what is healthy when you have a coach to walk you through it. 

Drop the junkie protein shake. I have a solution. You can change your habits---YOUR LIFE!

You can reach your health and fitness goals, you can EXCEED them. This group can help. 

Fill out the form below to start your journey towards becoming a TOTAL FIT BADASS! 

Also, make sure to check out my "How I Roll" page to get a handle on my policies and whether or not this is a good fit for you. 

Join Our Next 30-day Become a Fit Badass Challenge Group

What's up fellow badass! You are here because you are READY to start rocking out your fitness! Welcome! 

The next Fit Badass Challenge group opens November 7, 2016. 

Immediately, you are welcomed to OUR PARTY! After the 30days, I will add you to the "Badass Journey" group where you will meet the other fit badass alums!!  


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