Episode 032 - "My Experience Night Weaning a 16-month old Boobie Monster Part 1"

So the time has come. I decided that I should cut night time feeding out of mine and my son's breastfeeding journey. It was a very hard decision to come to but he started to become very aggressive and demanding about when and for how long he wanted the boob in his mouth at night time.

I was becoming angry and uncomfortable and I decided that I needed to set boundaries. I nursed on demand for 16-months. Its been a very emotional experience for me and we are only three nights in.

This episode is a very real account about how we are night weaning and what I am feeling. Please be kind. I'm so sensitive right now. I decided to record the episode because other moms told me they want to night wean but can't find the real life accounts on how it affects everyone's life.  Most of the content out there is from professionals and it all seems so smooth. But its not a science. So here's my contribution to the realness of it all.