Episode 031 - Empowerment and Advice from Elvira Cabreja - Mother of 3 and Wellness Mentor for Women

As an empowerment and wellness mentor, Elvira Cabreja helps ambitious women take strategic action to reach both their short term and long term goals.

It is her passion to work with women one on one and give them the support they need to turn their dreams a reality.

Elvira discusses the births of her three daughters and the impact that time, education, and advocacy has made on the birth industry and profession. At her first daughters birth, she was not allowed to walk around to labor and doctors and nurses attempted to persuade her not to breastfeed. By the time her third daughter was born, things changed in the labor and delivery room. She was allowed to labor as she felt her body needed to and breastfeeding was less of a fight with hospital staff. It was actually encouraged.

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