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Episode 030 - "How Mama Can Stay Healthy When Everyone Is Sick"

I was hesitant to post this episode because I don't want to jinx it but my son has been sick a handful of times between colds, the flu, and the stomach flu and I've managed to keep the germs far away from me. 

In this episode, I give you my personal tips on how to remain healthy when your household is ill. Many of my tips are lifestyle changes to boost your immune system year round and not just while the sickies are in your home.

Episode 029 - "My Favorite Products for Newborn Babies"

In this episode, I give you details on the products we used for our son. Every product mention is one that I felt has really given me lots of use for its cost. 
Babies are newborns for such a short time and having products that they can use beyond the newborn stage is always helpful.

Links to products COMING SOON. 

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Episode 028 - "My Favorite Products for the Postpartum Period"

A little on my postpartum experience and the products I used to help me overcome a few challenges. 

Earth Mama Organics products:

Medela Tendercare Hydrogel Pads:

Lansinoh Therapearl 3-1 Breast Therapy:

Medela Washable Bra Pads:

Memory Foam Wedge:


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Episode 27 - "A Mothers Strength is Undeniable" with Cisca de Kock

I began following Cisca because of her beautiful photos on her Instagram feed. Once I started digging deeper, I learned more about her story and background.

Born and raised in South Africa, she is a first time mom to Hudson. Taking on a journey that is sometimes met with questions and uncertainty, but filled with giggles and cuddles in between the poop nappies and burp cloths! 

Her story offers much insight on what it feels like to tread through the journey into motherhood. From the loss of a parent, to an unplanned C-section, a stay at the NICU, and postpartum depression, Cisca's strength and her support team guided her through difficult times. 

A great listen. 

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Episode 026 - "My Confessional- Things I Once Judged And Now I Do As a Mom"

I often say this podcast is my therapy and today it's my confessional. Prior to being a mom, there were things I saw other parents do that I would scowl at or say "I would never do that" and today I have to bite my tongue because I do the same EXACT thing!!!

I never judge a mom now. I give the "I see you" nod and show my appreciation for her showing up every single day for her family. But BEFORE becoming a parent, I did, I judged. And 20-something year old Melissa would never had thought that 35-year old Melissa would be doing all of the she once judged but she is. Oh well. 

That's life!

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Episode 025 - "Self-Care Tips from Moms"

Our community of mothers is growing every single day so I decided to ask THEM to offer US some advice to the question, "How can momma take care of herself better?"

I received so many gems, many I will be attempting myself. We all need our mommy time. It's so necessary and we NEVER seem to take it. 

Listen in to hear some of our community's self-care tips. 

Which one is your favorite? Which one do you currently do and which are you willing to try?

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Episode 024 - "Pregnancy with A Fibroid and Premature Labor" with guest Maria Duncan

For most women, who have one or more noncancerous fibroids, the complications during pregnancy are none. However, for 10 to 30% of pregnant women, fibroids can cause severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding.

Maria Duncan was growing a baby in her body as a fibroid continued to grow. The experience was unique, but the lessons are universal.

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Episode 022 - Season Two of the Mamahood Podcast Starts Meow!

We are back!

And ready to fill your cup up with tons of mamáhood craziness.

The format has changed a bit, but the information will be just as valuable. I promise. Take a listen to get all the details.

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Episode 021 - "Baby Sleep is like Fight Club" with host Melissa Herreria

Sleep is one of those things that every new mom is struggling with but no one wants to talk about. Society makes it seem like there's just ONE way of doing things. American culture makes you feel like a failure if you have a child in your bed, yet tons of other cultures lay around on family beds all the time. I have no opinion on what's best but I am going to share with you all of our ups and downs and whats currently working for my family. 

This way, you won't feel so alone. We're all struggling.

Episode 020 - "A Savvy Mom Turned Author and Self-Care Advocate" with guest Kenia Nuñez

Kenia Nuñez is a New Yorker with three children. She lost her husband to Cancer in May 2013. She is no different from anyone else that grieves a loss – however, she made a very conscious decision not to let her husband’s death steal her joy. 

She has done her absolute best to live her life with purpose and passion, just as her husband selflessly asked her to. By way of his death, he gave her life.

For years, when life was “perfect” she was praised for being a supermom, but she was secretly running on empty. She began to feel like a fraud; spiraling into a horrifying depression and she couldn’t find her way out. 

Not until her husband was diagnosed with cancer did she have an awakening.

Her awakening has led her to teach others how to find balance in chaos, and purpose in pain through the power of self-care.

While working with women, she realized that young girls desperately needed the tools of self-care she was teaching and she wrote the Amazon best-seller “SavvyGems.” 

SavvyGems is an acronym whose nine letters stand for nine life practices that can assist you as you encounter the highs and lows of life. It rests on the idea that although we can’t control all outward circumstances, nor predict the uncertainties of life we can take control of ourselves through a systematic, holistic approach of self-care which celebrates all the ways in which we “show up” to our lives.

Purchase a copy at:

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