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Episode 042 - "Raising a Bilingual Child"

When we found out we were pregnant, my husband and I both agreed that we wanted to raise a bilingual child. Then our son was born and the reality hit us, WE have to speak in Spanish in OUR household. Both of us grew up in Spanish speaking homes but we spoke English to one another. Its been such a difficult thing for us to do, but we have now COMMITTED and here is our experience so far. 

Episode 039 - What is Kabrita USA Goat Milk Formula with Dr. Annie Salsberg

At MommyCon, my son had the pleasure of tasting KABRITA USA toddler formula and he loved it. 

I almost cried watching my breastmilk snob actually enjoy something other than mama's liquid gold but it was also reassuring to know that there are quality products out there that my baby boo likes. 

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Dr. Annie Salsberg, ND, Senior Manager for Medical Engagement & Education for the brand.

About Kabrita:

Kabrita USA delivers nourishment and comfort to children and their parents through our naturally easy to digest Goat Milk Formula. We empower families with a new choice in formula feeding-one that marries the ideal of all-natural with the rigor and safety of science. We’re very excited to be not the “typical” formula company.
Kabrita USA is 100% women run and led by Moms. Their mission is to empower parents to nourish their child with confidence. They strive to add value to their community of Moms through their commitment to education, transparency & supportive communication.  You can see Kabrita USA's core values here:
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Episode 038 - "Surviving Colic"

Colic is so short lived that I feel like we forget how hard it is. For the mom that's in the thick of it,however, it feels like an eternity.

In this episode, I explain colic, share my empathy and survival tips and give you some comfort from a mom on the other side. We survived. You will too.

If you're in the midst of it now, I understand your pain. If you're pregnant, listen. Don't be afraid. 1 in 5 children are said to have colic. If you're child does, you will survive it. If you had a child that was colic-free, listen to offer a consoling ear to a friend in the future.

Episode 037 - "Encouraging Your Partner To Be More Involved"

As the primary caretaker for my son, I found myself taking on all the parenting responsibilities. It wasn't because my husband didn't want to but because I felt I had to. Turns out I was excluding him and taking away his opportunities to learn how to parent. In this episode, I go over some of the steps we took to make both of us happier. 

Episode 036 - "My Experience at MommyCon NYC"

I made it to MommyCon!!! Definitely a fun and awesome experience for mothers to connect with likeminded women living in the same area. 
I absolutely loved the event and recommend you check it out.
This is not a paid post. Just sharing information about an event that I found super valuable. 
Here is some info from the MommyCon website:
"MommyCon takes a gentle and positive approach to educating parents about the emotional and physical benefits of natural birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing. We advocate values of holistic health, eco-friendly diapering, child safety standards and procedures, and female self-care and wellness. Our mission is to create a community of support, acceptance and non-judgement for women journeying through parenthood."
If you have a MommyCon coming up near you, listen to this episode, grab your baby, your partner, and some friends and go!

Episode 035 - "Charlando with self-love and mental health advocate Melanie Santos"

Melanie Santos is a cosmically connected New Yorker, millennial Latina, wife, mother, and self-love and mental health advocate dedicated to shining her light in an effort to stimulate change. Using her online social presence, she motivates her followers to reach deep within, connect with their higher selves, and manifest their best lives by living purposely and loving unconditionally.

MEL À LA MODE caters to women of all walks of life with a focus on overall empowerment, spiritual enlightenment, modern parenting, budget-friendly fashion and organic beauty, travel, the promotion of self-love, and the destigmatization of mental health.

Connect with Melanie, watch her birth story, and claim your simple manifestation tools on




Episode 034- "Mourning Your Old Life and the You of the Past"

Right after having baby, I experienced this great deal of mourning of the person I once was and the life she lived. Now, 16 months later, I reflect on how much I've changed and give you permission to mourn while showing you how to embrace your new life.  The new you. 

Episode 033 - "My Experience Night Weaning a 16-month old Boobie Monster Part 2"

Before you listen to this episode, make sure you listened to Episode 032. It's all about how and why we started night weaning. 

This episode is the tail end of that experience. I'm proud to say that we are all much happier as a family. 

Night weaning is NOT a necessary step for a breastfeeding relationship. Mothers and their children can nurse for however long they want and whenever they want. Night weaning is an option for you if the night nursing relationship is no longer working for you. There are so many options on how to night wean. 

I read the Jay Gordon method, the Dr. Sears method, and a couple of mommy blogs to see how they night weaned. We chose to follow Dr. Sears advice to have the non-nursing parent wake and console the baby. It worked best for us. If you want to night wean, have a conversation with your partner and decide what's the best way to proceed. Then move forward as planned. If your child responds well, continue going. By well, I mean there will be some crying but they eventually fall back to sleep and begin understanding the process. If you're child does not respond well, reassess if this is the best decision. 

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Episode 032 - "My Experience Night Weaning a 16-month old Boobie Monster Part 1"

So the time has come. I decided that I should cut night time feeding out of mine and my son's breastfeeding journey. It was a very hard decision to come to but he started to become very aggressive and demanding about when and for how long he wanted the boob in his mouth at night time.

I was becoming angry and uncomfortable and I decided that I needed to set boundaries. I nursed on demand for 16-months. Its been a very emotional experience for me and we are only three nights in.

This episode is a very real account about how we are night weaning and what I am feeling. Please be kind. I'm so sensitive right now. I decided to record the episode because other moms told me they want to night wean but can't find the real life accounts on how it affects everyone's life.  Most of the content out there is from professionals and it all seems so smooth. But its not a science. So here's my contribution to the realness of it all. 

Episode 031 - Empowerment and Advice from Elvira Cabreja - Mother of 3 and Wellness Mentor for Women

As an empowerment and wellness mentor, Elvira Cabreja helps ambitious women take strategic action to reach both their short term and long term goals.

It is her passion to work with women one on one and give them the support they need to turn their dreams a reality.

Elvira discusses the births of her three daughters and the impact that time, education, and advocacy has made on the birth industry and profession. At her first daughters birth, she was not allowed to walk around to labor and doctors and nurses attempted to persuade her not to breastfeed. By the time her third daughter was born, things changed in the labor and delivery room. She was allowed to labor as she felt her body needed to and breastfeeding was less of a fight with hospital staff. It was actually encouraged.

There are so many lessons in this episode and a free offer!!!  

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