Episode 033 - "My Experience Night Weaning a 16-month old Boobie Monster Part 2"

Before you listen to this episode, make sure you listened to Episode 032. It's all about how and why we started night weaning. 

This episode is the tail end of that experience. I'm proud to say that we are all much happier as a family. 

Night weaning is NOT a necessary step for a breastfeeding relationship. Mothers and their children can nurse for however long they want and whenever they want. Night weaning is an option for you if the night nursing relationship is no longer working for you. There are so many options on how to night wean. 

I read the Jay Gordon method, the Dr. Sears method, and a couple of mommy blogs to see how they night weaned. We chose to follow Dr. Sears advice to have the non-nursing parent wake and console the baby. It worked best for us. If you want to night wean, have a conversation with your partner and decide what's the best way to proceed. Then move forward as planned. If your child responds well, continue going. By well, I mean there will be some crying but they eventually fall back to sleep and begin understanding the process. If you're child does not respond well, reassess if this is the best decision. 

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Episode 032 - "My Experience Night Weaning a 16-month old Boobie Monster Part 1"

So the time has come. I decided that I should cut night time feeding out of mine and my son's breastfeeding journey. It was a very hard decision to come to but he started to become very aggressive and demanding about when and for how long he wanted the boob in his mouth at night time.

I was becoming angry and uncomfortable and I decided that I needed to set boundaries. I nursed on demand for 16-months. Its been a very emotional experience for me and we are only three nights in.

This episode is a very real account about how we are night weaning and what I am feeling. Please be kind. I'm so sensitive right now. I decided to record the episode because other moms told me they want to night wean but can't find the real life accounts on how it affects everyone's life.  Most of the content out there is from professionals and it all seems so smooth. But its not a science. So here's my contribution to the realness of it all. 

Episode 014 - "VBAC and Breastfeeding While Heading Back to Work" with guest Stephanie Melowsky

Stephanie became pregnant with her son London,  at a busy time in her life. She was planning a wedding, working full time, and naive to what labor was like with little time to research. When the day came to deliver her baby, she ended up having a C-section and although overjoyed with the arrival of her baby boy, she knew the next time around, she would do things differently.

When Stephanie learned she was pregnant with her daughter Paris, she did her research and found doctors that supported a vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC) and was successfully able to delivery her daughter vaginally with minimal medications.

She shares her birth stories and provides us insight on the differences between nursing her children. Stephanie also discusses her continued breastfeeding after she returned to work and how she maintained her supply to successfully breastfeed both children for 6 months and beyond.     

Episode 009 - "Follow Your Instincts and Advocate" with guest Danielle Bianco

Danielle Bianco is the mother of two beautiful girls. Danielle says she is the poster mom on how no two children are alike.  Her pregnancies were different, and so was labor, and her nursing relationship with her daughters. 
In this episode, we speak to her specifically about her nursing journey with her youngest daughter who is 6-months old. She explains lots of terminology that is thrown around by medical professionals and empowers moms everywhere to go with their instinct and advocate for what they want for their children. 

Episode 005 - "Getting It All Done" with guest Tricia Ross

Tricia Ross drops so many gems:

  • Pregnancy as a type 2 diabetic
  • Unplanned C-section
  • Supplementing with formula while nursing
  • Working from home
  • And the financial decisions that her family decided to make in order to spend more time with their baby

She covers it all. From life in "the trenches" to the patience necessary to find yourself again after baby. 

You can connect with her @flizzers and @artsyrossydesign on Instagram.

Episode 004 - "My Nursing Journey" with your host Melissa Herreria

In this episode you will hear from me personally. I will discuss my nursing journey for the past 7 months - the hurdles and the triumphs. My goal is to give you as much information as I can cram into this episode. I give you an overview on what I learned during my Breastfeeding 101 class as well as MY REALITY. You'll also learn some common terms that are thrown around in the breastfeeding world, resources to help you if you need assistance, and simple goals and reassurances to keep you going.