Episode 038 - "Surviving Colic"

Colic is so short lived that I feel like we forget how hard it is. For the mom that's in the thick of it,however, it feels like an eternity.

In this episode, I explain colic, share my empathy and survival tips and give you some comfort from a mom on the other side. We survived. You will too.

If you're in the midst of it now, I understand your pain. If you're pregnant, listen. Don't be afraid. 1 in 5 children are said to have colic. If you're child does, you will survive it. If you had a child that was colic-free, listen to offer a consoling ear to a friend in the future.

Episode 037 - "Encouraging Your Partner To Be More Involved"

As the primary caretaker for my son, I found myself taking on all the parenting responsibilities. It wasn't because my husband didn't want to but because I felt I had to. Turns out I was excluding him and taking away his opportunities to learn how to parent. In this episode, I go over some of the steps we took to make both of us happier. 

Episode 27 - "A Mothers Strength is Undeniable" with Cisca de Kock

I began following Cisca because of her beautiful photos on her Instagram feed. Once I started digging deeper, I learned more about her story and background.

Born and raised in South Africa, she is a first time mom to Hudson. Taking on a journey that is sometimes met with questions and uncertainty, but filled with giggles and cuddles in between the poop nappies and burp cloths! 

Her story offers much insight on what it feels like to tread through the journey into motherhood. From the loss of a parent, to an unplanned C-section, a stay at the NICU, and postpartum depression, Cisca's strength and her support team guided her through difficult times. 

A great listen. 

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Episode 026 - "My Confessional- Things I Once Judged And Now I Do As a Mom"

I often say this podcast is my therapy and today it's my confessional. Prior to being a mom, there were things I saw other parents do that I would scowl at or say "I would never do that" and today I have to bite my tongue because I do the same EXACT thing!!!

I never judge a mom now. I give the "I see you" nod and show my appreciation for her showing up every single day for her family. But BEFORE becoming a parent, I did, I judged. And 20-something year old Melissa would never had thought that 35-year old Melissa would be doing all of the she once judged but she is. Oh well. 

That's life!

Listen to the episode and use the #reppinmamahood hashtag to tell me what you once judged and totally have to put your foot in your mouth for. 

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Catch you next week! 

Episode 017 - "Motherhood in the Faroe Islands" with guest Rubi Estefany

Rubi, Dominican and raised in the Bronx, moved to the Faroe Islands for love. Here is where she began the journey of motherhood. In this episode she discusses the prenatal, postpartum, and overall maternal care women receive in the Faroe Islands while going over a few key differences between the US and her new home.     

Episode 016 - "Thoughts On Mommy Shaming" with host Melissa Herreria

Take a quick car ride with me and listen to my first experience with mommy shaming - my reaction and what I wish I said.

I'm also in search of new moms to interview for the winter season. If you know of a mom who should definitely share her story, please have her email me at

Episode 009 - "Follow Your Instincts and Advocate" with guest Danielle Bianco

Danielle Bianco is the mother of two beautiful girls. Danielle says she is the poster mom on how no two children are alike.  Her pregnancies were different, and so was labor, and her nursing relationship with her daughters. 
In this episode, we speak to her specifically about her nursing journey with her youngest daughter who is 6-months old. She explains lots of terminology that is thrown around by medical professionals and empowers moms everywhere to go with their instinct and advocate for what they want for their children. 

Episode 008 - "A Decade Worth of Wisdom" with guest Ingrid Michel

In today's episode, Ingrid drops gems about motherhood. She is the mother of a 10 year old boy and everything about their life together just echoes how much they were made for one another. Ingrid is a single mother who experienced a miscarriage before the birth of her son. The adage that you're child chooses YOU to be their mother is very clear in their relationship.  

Episode 005 - "Getting It All Done" with guest Tricia Ross

Tricia Ross drops so many gems:

  • Pregnancy as a type 2 diabetic
  • Unplanned C-section
  • Supplementing with formula while nursing
  • Working from home
  • And the financial decisions that her family decided to make in order to spend more time with their baby

She covers it all. From life in "the trenches" to the patience necessary to find yourself again after baby. 

You can connect with her @flizzers and @artsyrossydesign on Instagram.

Episode 004 - "My Nursing Journey" with your host Melissa Herreria

In this episode you will hear from me personally. I will discuss my nursing journey for the past 7 months - the hurdles and the triumphs. My goal is to give you as much information as I can cram into this episode. I give you an overview on what I learned during my Breastfeeding 101 class as well as MY REALITY. You'll also learn some common terms that are thrown around in the breastfeeding world, resources to help you if you need assistance, and simple goals and reassurances to keep you going.