post partum depression

Episode 034- "Mourning Your Old Life and the You of the Past"

Right after having baby, I experienced this great deal of mourning of the person I once was and the life she lived. Now, 16 months later, I reflect on how much I've changed and give you permission to mourn while showing you how to embrace your new life.  The new you. 

Episode 27 - "A Mothers Strength is Undeniable" with Cisca de Kock

I began following Cisca because of her beautiful photos on her Instagram feed. Once I started digging deeper, I learned more about her story and background.

Born and raised in South Africa, she is a first time mom to Hudson. Taking on a journey that is sometimes met with questions and uncertainty, but filled with giggles and cuddles in between the poop nappies and burp cloths! 

Her story offers much insight on what it feels like to tread through the journey into motherhood. From the loss of a parent, to an unplanned C-section, a stay at the NICU, and postpartum depression, Cisca's strength and her support team guided her through difficult times. 

A great listen. 

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