Love Notes

"What an incredible human being. So attentive and delightful. She really focuses equally on everyone she coaches and keeps her group upbeat, focused and confident. Love her as a coach and a person." Karla L. 
"Melissa is such an amazing motivator. She's kind, incredibly knowledgable, patient and FUN! I'm so glad to have her as a coach and, now, as a friend." Jodie G.
"Mel was very encouraging and more involved then I was expecting!! Great experience." Kim M. 
"Prior to working with Melissa I was at a standstill with my weight loss and I was frustrated that I wasn't seeing the results I wanted on or off the scale.  When I decided to join her challenge group, I thought..."It's worth a try, and she hasn't mentioned the 'D word'...LoL! Obviously, what I was doing and have tried in the past was not working anymore. She fulfilled everything that she promised. She's now helped me find several Beachbody programs that fit my lifestyle. She is always giving encouragement. She provides good nutritional advice. I can count on her to answer me back when I've needed advice while I've been on this journey. The list goes on and on! Melissa is the BOMB.COM!!😁 " Troya B.
"Melissa is one of the most genuine, encouraging and caring people have ever encountered! She works with the people in her groups in the capacity of not only coach but friend as well. It quickly becomes clear to any first timer in one of her challenge groups that your goals are her goals. I learned so much from her in just 5 days. She's amazing! See for yourself. You will not be sorry you did." Melissa M. 
"Melissa is so attentive to everyone in her group. She is not only knowledgable but open. She goes the extra mile to assure you that you are more then capable in meeting your goals. She makes the groups fun and cheers you on every step of the way. My experience was amazing! And I can't wait to continue learning from her and taking the next steps in my journey. Melissa Rocks!" Emily G.
"Melissa was extremely encouraging and mindful to each members individual needs. Her dedication to helping others become healthy shows what a great person she is. I look forward to continue working with her." Nadine G.
"Melissa is knowledgable and dedicated. She gives personal attention to each person she works with and her friendly, smiling personality makes her so much fun to interact with! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" Aprilyn G. 
"When I decided to join Melissa's challenge group, my weight was stagnant. I figured she was fit and healthy and could help guide me to my goal. I find her to be very inspiration and love that together we have worked towards goals beyond weight loss. She focuses on being fit and healthy." Lily C.
"When considering a challenge group with Melissa, finances were my biggest struggle. I am not used to spending money on myself and I felt the financial investment to be the biggest hurdle. But I needed accountability and needed to lose weight. Melissa has shown me that although I am a busy mom and wife, I can find time to fit healthy choices and fitness into my life." Wendy G.